Sunday, May 31, 2009

Audi Q7 2009 model sports car review

Audi is a famous name for quality sports cars. this is the 2009 model of Audi Q7. it has number of new modifications and the appearance has also changed. the front buffer is bit long but it's a nice design.


-3.6 liters V6 engine with 205KW power
-four wheel ABS and break assist system
-Computer with average speed, average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and range for remaining fuel
-Cruise control
-steering wheel mounted audio controls
-low tire pressure indicator
-AC auto adjust to outside temperature

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VIDEO: Crazy Truck Drift

Unseen pictures of Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R is a well famous car nowadays and it's the dream car of someone. also it's very expensive and has excellent power and speed. i will write a review about this car in another day. this is some unseen and very attractive pictures of Nissan GT-R

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2009 BMW seven series 750I car details

BMW 7 series is well famous car sires. there are number of cars in this range. BMW 750I is a medium type luxury car. this it 2009 model of it which has many new modifications.


-4.4 liters V8 engine & 290KW power
-break assist system and stability control
-electronic handbrake
-power heated automatic door mirrors
-Air condition with climate control
-Cruise control
-digital tire pressure meter
-memory seat adjustment
-voice controlled radio and navigation system with 10 speakers

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PICTURES: some crazy modifications of hummer H2

don't you some of these hummer H2modifications are crazy? please write your comment!!

2010 Kia Soul review and pictures

Kia is a Korean car manufacturer, which is highly famous in Asian countries. the reason is those are cheaper than others. our topic car Kia Soul had so many versions and have done many modifications. this is kia Soul 2010 car and lets take a look at it.
i can introduce it as a family car, not too small but not too big. also it's fuel efficiency is in high rate. it has very attractive new generation sof look, both internally and externally.


-1600cc engine, 91KW
-multi-point fuel injection system
-break assist system and stability control
-audio system with GPS
-tire pressure indicator
-touch rear power window

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Hummer H1 actions video

Saturday, May 30, 2009

BMW 335i on System Forged

2009 Mercedes S Class-s550 car with details (S550 sedan)

this is another popular Mercedes benz car which is expensive and valuable. the car is in s class and the model is s550. it is also called as sedan. it is a luxurious car which is expensive.

specifications of Mercedes benz S550 sedan

-5.5 liters V8 engine
-285KW power
-Brake assist system
-driver selectable suspension
-electronic stability control
-Bi-Xenon headlights
-remote controlled sunroof
-anti-lift protection system
-parking distance sensor and radar
-high quality audio setup with fourteen speakers

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great pictures of modified cars:-(new modified cars)

lot's of people worry about the appearance of their car. new cars are expensive but even it can modify as a new car. there are lot's of trends in modified cars. some people want to give a bit different look for the car. non sport car as a sport car, change lights color etc. also some needs to give a totally different look. if they has a 1990 version, they may want to change it to 2006 version by modifying the appearance of the car. also i have seen some people modifies cars which looks like very expensive models. also some cars modify to special purpose, like racing or off-road. both internally externally and the technical parts. those are the some trends of modified cars in the world.

here are some of my favorite modified cars pictures.