Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Honda City 2009 Car Spotted!

Honda City 2009 Rearview 11. This is just unofficial news but somebody has spotted the new design of Honda City 2009 car at Honda manufacturing around the world, respectively on China and India. So guys, if you want to buy the Honda City 2008 car that most people said like an "cloth iron" design, wait just a few month for the new georgeous design of Honda car. The car will be in the Malaysia showroom early next year.

2. The rear of the new Honda car design is so awesome and cool that I'm drooling and really want to have it. By once glance, I can say the rear light and design has some elegancy like new BMW or Mercedes model car. Oh by the way, about the price, rumors said the price wont exceed RM100k, so meaning it's affortable for most of young proffesional people.

Honda City 2009 Rearview 2

3. About the front design of new honda car, some people might said "Wow that is just beautiful" but I personally not like the front design, it looks bulky and untidy. If the front design of this new Honda like Type-R, it is just too great! I do not care though, because about the front, we can modify it, so no biggie.

Honda City 2009 Frontview 24. This is the review of cool new Honda City car that has been front page on Autocar India. In India, the release date will be in November 2008. As usual, for Malaysia market, will take some more month. The front look "garang" and fit well for the likes such as me :D

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper
Honda City 2009 Interior Design 1
Honda City 2009 Interior Design 25. As usual, the best interior design of the car for me is Honda. Compared to Toyota Vios, either new one or old one, the interior is still losing badly even with Honda City 2008. Why? I heard that Toyota underestimates Malaysian and value lowly of our ability to consider things. I'll talk later on which aspect of the facts. Anyway, I just want to share with you the dream car which is affortable by people like me. Honda is the best!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Mere Girl Splitted the Car into Two and Killed 3 Persons!

Japan Road Crash 011. When I'm reading the international news online today I stumble upon a road crash news that killed 3 person in Japan. It looks like unusual event as the car appeared to be cut into half and parts going here and there. How is so?

2. The news said that a young lady (19), just learning to drive, drove through Matsue City at breakneck speeds, soon crashing her ride into a streetlight at high speed in truly spectacular fashion. Hmm might be she was learning to drift at the time which I doubt so, high chance of under DUI.

3. The crazy car was then tearing the SUV in half and killing the three back seat passengers who unwisely let her take them for a spin, as told by the news. She was only lightly injured, as was the fortunate young man sat beside her. Young man? Her driving trainer maybe? Or perhaps her boyfriend? Poor guy. I really like Japanese girl because of their kawaii (cuteness) but now I should think twice even I have chance to date any of them. Like I have chance hehe.

Japan Road Crash 024. As told by the news, the three passengers killed were acquaintances of the driver, as was the surviving passenger, and the three soon died after being taken to hospital (looking at the state of the rear half it seems they had no chance at all). The car in question was apparently a 2002 Mitsubishi AirTrek, a sturdy enough vehicle, so it is all the more impressive how badly it was totalled by her death defying/inducing driving. Wow now I should put the Mitsubishi AirTrek on my wish list car. And I'll do the review of the car later when I have time.

Japan Road Crash 035. Despite being a learner driver, with only a provisional licence, she was not displaying learner plates, and on top of this driving four other people around at high speed through central Tokyo is also not behaviour generally considered appropriate to learners; police are already looking at charges of involuntary vehicular manslaughter. Youngsters nowadays are so hazardous to society as I can put them into words. As safety officer for years (maybe a year and half but still more than a year hehe), education to be conducted and they need to be brainwashed about road safety. Even Japan is a modern country with first class citizen, that doesn't change the fact that among themselves, there are quite huge numbers of people being an 4ss.

6. The stupid driver will doubtless have many difficult questions to answer when she is released from hospital. And of course, from my opinion the event indeed will change her life and her perception onto people's life. Hopefully, she will be the one that promoting road safety to the people to payback her sins towards the family of the killed persons.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Mercedes Got Nailed by a Cellphone!

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 41. The weirdest and dumbest crash ever seen by me, and might be you too. Hopefully there will be nothing like this happen in Malaysia. If not, I'll laugh non stop during my crash investigation work. Uh, not good, supposed not to laugh at people's unlucky event. sorry, my bad my bad..

2. Anyway, yet it is still not as funny as Terengganu MB wants to change all Perdana to Mercedes. Be careful MB, even the cellphone will get angry!

3. Hmm now I'm thinking what happen to the occupant of the car. By the way, this crash happened in Russia and I'm not sure whether Russia is right hand drive or left. If right hand drive, ughhh I guess the driver was experiencing pretty severe injury over there. Trauma to head would bring GSC (level of consiousness) of less than 7.

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 14. "Dude..What will be the direction of force and CDC code of this kind of crash? looks like a collision from the top?" Hmm lemme see..the code shud be like 00TDAW3 which means collision from top with distributed of damage (more than 41cm), covered from bottom and top area on respective side, wide area covered and the depth of crash extent is at level 3. How's that? It just estimation though.

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 25. No wonder Putin doesn’t want anyone especially teenagers to use cell-phones in there cars. But who cares? He's busy attacking Georgia as I write this. Stupid Putin!

6. Back to the topic. Can you think of a better reason to ban those "devilish" machines in vehicles than this cell-phone related accident caused in Russia? Of course, Malaysia should learn from this event too. Too many stupid people used cellphone in the car while driving. Im stupid too sometimes! And I don't think you are not. Cheh its kinda irony eh.

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 37. Anyway, learning from the post, be careful when you are driving, look you side mirror, rear mirror, front and dont forget to keep an eye on your top too! And, dont use cellphone while driving ok. The huge cellphone will hit you from the top if you are not carefull enough. Chiow.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lamborghini Reventon Vs. Ferrari Enzo

1. I figure once in a while I need to enjoy my eyes with this kind of impossible getting machine thing. Sport Cars! Reading Sport Cars Specs are really tiring but open wide my eyes huhu.

2. These two exclusive cars are among the top in the world at the moment. Take a look of their comparison.

Lamborghini Reventon Wallpaper

Lamborghini Reventon

Brakes & Tires
Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/vented disc
Driveline: All Wheel Drive
Tires F-R:245/35 ZR18 - 335/30 ZR18

Displacement cu in (cc): 396 (6496)
Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 650(478) / 8000
Redline at RPM: NA
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 487(660) / 6000
Type: V12

Lamborghini Reventon Wallpaper

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Length × Width × Height in: 185 × 81 × 44.7
Weight lb (kg): 3671 (1665)

Acceleration 0-60 mph (s): 3.3
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km): NA (21.3)
Top Speed mph (km/h): 211 (340)

Ferrari Enzo Wallpaper

Ferrari Enzo

Brakes & Tires
Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/vented disc
Driveline: Rear Wheel Drive
Tires F-R: 245/35 ZR19 - 345/35 ZR19

Displacement cu in (cc): 365 (5988)
Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 660(485) / 7800
Redline at RPM: 8200
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 484(657) / 5500
Type: V12

Ferrari Enzo Wallpaper

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Length × Width × Height in: 185.1 × 80.1 × 45.2
Weight lb (kg): 3009 (1366)

Acceleration 0-62 mph (s): 3.65
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km): NA (23)
Top Speed mph (km/h): 225 (362)

3. Truly, when judging and estimating the cars, my eyes just look at the how fast the car go from 0-100 km/h. Seems like on this battle, the Lamborghini is the winner!

4. Even though on endurance fight, the Ferrari will beat Lamborghini hell out of it. Seriously. On design term, I give 5 stars for both. Wohooo..

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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Road Cracked Again!

1. Last week, I have been shocked, and I believe you are too with news that MRR2 bridge was cracked again. It was for in fact, the third time since 2006, where the first one in 2004. The problem is the crack occured at the same strecth that had a problem last time. Cost of RM70 million before this to fix the bridge seems like going to garbage because only can sustain the bridge for 2 years. Average of RM35 million per year. Hmm..

2. "3 of 18 carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) tensioner that adding to the bridge pillars are suddenly broke". Luckily, the new JKR management successfully detected the defect earlier, before the worst severe tragedy happens, which of course, will make Malaysia is in the eyes of the world like the collapsed of Minnesota Bridge. (I studied at University of Minnesota and I know where exactly the bridge is and until now, I still can't believe that massive bridge collapsed)

3. Two years after the MRR2 damage has been fixed on 2006, the bridge is become defect again. So actually it merely can be utilized in 2 years lifespan, yeah seems like it. I really want to see the contract agreement between the contractor that fix the bridge and the goverment. How long the bridge is still in the responsibility of the contractor. And if my guess is right, its only 3-4 years. You know, engineers are really great in estimation with only 5-10% error. So that they can maximize the profit.

4. The engineers are already calculated that the fatigue cyclings (N) that could be sustained by the bridge. The biggest mistake is they are a little bit underestimate or accidentally left the factor, which vehicles in Malaysia increasing exponentially during the past years which implicitly indicated that the road user increase as well as the users of the MRR2. As a result, they must fix the bridge with their own cost. Good news for us, goverment do not need to pay a dime.

5. There are no heavy vehicle bans on the MRR2. Thats the reason why some of the road there have potholes here and there. I personally didnt like driving on MRR2. I rather used other road. Potholes are bad for my car's tyres and suspension. I love my car. How about you? This is not related to the topic, sorry hehe.

6. The traffic on MRR2 is indeed overwhelming. Constant maintenance and observation is needed. Some independent body should be involved on the observation too. We do have actually, but I'm not sure they are independent or not. The association called Road Safety Audit. Plus, somebody must make sure that the contractor do their job well, without using crappy materials just to get profit. Its not their fault though. The fault lies on people who push them hard, squeeze them and threaten them for money.

7. Suddenly I feel not really confortable on the fact I will drive on the defected part within this 3 weeks (thats what goverment said time to fix the defect). Why? It is traffic jam! Maybe I should extend staying here in UK, until the road is fixed. Bah forget it, its not my daily route to work anyway.

8. To JKR, please do u job well to pantau the make of the road. All the bad roads are appeared like "mushroom after the rain", after all the contracts of road made given to the private company. Before this, JKR did the road by themselves and the road are for my opionion is the best of all. For example, Federal Highway connecting Kuala Lumpur and Klang, until now still good even after quite years.

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