Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Audi A8 2008 or 2009 Car Review?

Audi A8 2008 Wallpaper 1
1. Guess what, I got this email about the prosperity life of people in Arabs. Well that doesn’t concern me a bit, because ya’know even you had a mountain of gold, your heart will never satisfy and would ask for another gold mountain and so on, plus your life would be misery as you want to protect the gold, not those gold protecting you. However, what I really interested on the email is on the car itself. What the heck of the car is that? It looks very awesome and sturdy. Should I car reviews it?

Audi A8 2008 Wallpaper 22. The sole hint that I got is the emblem of Audi. So after studying a minute (well took me some time though), I got it! It is new Audi A8 2008 or maybe 2009, well it doesn’t matter. Thing that matters now is the exterior design alone already could catch any eyes on the road. Lets have some kind of 2008 audi a8 reviews on this case.

3. The external of Audi A8 is already gorgeous but how about the interior looks of this Audi A8? What I know so far Honda is very remarkable on its interior design. Thus, could Audi A8 compete with Honda? Let’s have a glance on the interior. Check this out!

4. Don't ask me about the price or whatever spec related as you know, all items acquired by rich people from Arabs are not on the market. They love customized their toys. But if you asked me, the regular Audi A8 sedan on market, the price is in the range of USD66k to USD71k and its already quite expensive at is default feature and now you can guess how much the price of the car in the pictures.

Audi A8 2008 Wallpaper

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Honda City 2009 India is Officially Released

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper India1. Honda has officially launched the 3rd generation Honda City in Delhi in the 25th of September, few days ago. The most awaited car, probably throughout the year has been redesigned completely with improved engines and features.

2. The new engine equipped in the new City is a 1.5L i-Vtec engine that produces a class leading power of 118bhp and torque of 149 nm while it assures a good fuel economy. The all new Honda City comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift for a more comfortable ride so that you dont have to keep changing your hands from the steering to the gear. It also come with a 5-speed manual with smoother wire type transmission.

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper India 23. The new City is styled in an arrow design theme along with wide, long and low profile stance of the car that provides great stability during high speeds.

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper Interior
Honda City 2009 Wallpaper Interior 14. The meter panel features a fuel consumption indicator presenting instant and average fuel consumption, and estimated remaining driving range, supporting the driver to drive in a fuel efficient way like most elegant Toyota vehicles such as Harrier and Fortuner. Well thats as far as I know, I heard Proton Gen2 has this feature too.

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper Interior 25. The new Honda City comes fully loaded with all active and passive safety features including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with Brake Assist (BA), Dual SRS airbags, pre-tensioner seat belts and G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) body with a crush-proof survival zone. Honda believes that Safety of passengers and pedestrians is a first priority for Honda.

6. The price? At Thailand, the price is ranging from RM57000 to RM72000, despite of many good feature, this new car is priced reasonably. The new car will come in three variants and will be priced between Rs. 7.7 lakhs to Rs. 8.90 lakhs which if converted to Malaysia Riggit, it will be in the range of RM57k to RM66k. About the same price with Thailand! So what this is supposed to mean? Yeah, price in Malaysia will be in that range too. Hopefully :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Honda Civic and Proton Wira Crash Highlight

Crash Scene1. I got these pictures, thanks to Sirloinskipper. Let me give some brief review on what actually happens. A BMW (running away after the crash) was racing together with the unlucky Honda Civic VTEC DOHC. They raced even not knowing each other, and not giving a damn that the road stretch is actually a village area that usually normal and sane people will be slowing down. Well this happens all the time here in Malaysia, best educated brain but small minded. Who are the victims of this stupidity behavior?

Crash Scene Real2. It was a Proton Wira car! which fully loaded with a family of 5 that coming from the opposite direction (Sob sob sob thats why I'm telling you, even if you are the safest driver on the earth but if others not, your possibilities of getting onto accident is just high as others). The consequence worsened when all the rear occupants of the Proton Wira were not wearing rear seatbelts.

3. During the stupid battle between BMW and Honda Civic, the Honda Civic lost control and spun towards opposite direction lane and hit directly with innocent Proton Wira. Then, the Proton Wira rolled 90 degrees towards the left guardrails. Result? 5 deaths, 3 from the Proton Wira and 2 from the Honda Civic.

Proton Wira Crash
Honda Civic Crash4. If we watched carefully, both occupants of Honda Civic's front passenger wore the seatbelt. But why the heck the front passenger was dead, but the driver was not? It is due to the rear passenger who located perfectly behind the front passenger didnt wear the seatbelt and resulting loading the back of the front seat passenger. Both died. For details how the mechanicm of loading, check it HERE.

5. Our prophet is always praying that his ummah will not die suddenly. Why? Because when you die suddenly, you can't even have an ample time to make a taubah. And dying on road is indeed what our prophet afraid of happening to his ummah. This is fardhu kifayah, one of us has to fix or at least make it better, or everybody will be punished.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Malaysia Job Vacancy: MIROS Recruiting

MIROS job vacancy
1. As you know, MIROS is just a new road safety research in Malaysia, only aged 1 year and half. But now MIROS is expanding and looking for more members to work hard to tackle road safety issue, especially in Malaysia where every year about 6000 deaths are recorded died on road.

2. If you have good experience and already been in research area for at least 2 years, please apply. MIROS is currently looking for permanent senior research officer and also contract research officer (higher chance for permanent post if you were performed). Salary? Dont worry, the pay is decent. Hurry up! Anytime the spots will be close. For detail, visit HERE.

3. Another opening MIROS spots are for supporting staff. If up there, we looking for research officer and profesional people, now we are looking for commited and dedicated supporting staff who can follow the fast pace of profesional at MIROS. For detail, visit HERE. The dateline is already closed but from time to time, the post will be opening. So stay tuned and keep checking!

4. I'll post here if I found any good job opportunities I got. Till then, bye. :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Perodua Myvi 2008 Released!

New Perodua Myvi Wallpaper 1
1. After some years of being successfull best selling car in Malaysia, Perodua has launched its second generation of Perodua Myvi car. The last selling Myvi model which had an average of about 13000 sold per year, now moving into making new record this year for this new model of Perodua Myvi. Either is possible or not, time will tell. We as costumers will be the judges. So let's get ready to review the new model of Perodua Myvi.

New Perodua Myvi Wallpaper 2
New Perodua Myvi Wallpaper 32. So dissapointed. "Huh why bro? You can just being dissapointed by just looking at the pictures?? Come on.." No lah, actually I just learned that this new model of Myvi just touch up and improvement only on the "face". The system and bla bla bla all almost the same with the old Myvi that they release 3 years ago. Well, even so, I still can solute Perodua for making this affortable nice car for us.

3. The price is in the range from RM39k (lowest spec) up to RM50k (highest spec). So, with decent full safety system in the car, you can get by only price of about RM50k! Not too bad huh. The new Myvi model will come up with 8 different colors that will mesmerize your eyes. Talking about eyesight, no matter how many of times I look onto it, it is still almost the same with old model, Im not sure what do you think.

New Perodua Myvi Wallpaper 44. Meanwhile, the interior has some improvement and really can grab any women's attention. That's expected. So what are you waiting for guys, go buy this best selling car. Congratulation Perodua for giving Proton a really touch competition. More competition, more quality cars will be out with reasonable price. Heh.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing Cellphone while Riding a Motorcycle

1. This guy is crazy. Got this video email from one of my friends. The video taker was accidentally found this crazy guy while strolling along 4 lanes highway and found out this is funny. I thought this happened in Malaysia, but to my shock, it is NOT! So meaning there are other superb and crazy motorcyclist existed at other countries who dont value their life.

2. Speechless. I'm wondering how he's navigating his motorcycle by just using his feet? Stupid and crazy eh. And at the same time, solute him for his bravery. I want to recruit him into army if only if I were the army general. This kind of soldier will give surely benefits to the army team. Heh.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Glance on New Proton MPV 2009

Proton MPV Wallpaper 11. After many postmortems, try-and-error putting parts in an out on couple of innocent Toyota Wish MPVs, now Proton can come out with its own version of MPV, with good safety consideration. Quite an achievement eh. The release date will be around early next year (2009) but will be on road for testing on September this year but now is almost coming to the end of September. So have you spot one of this mysterious MPV? Me not yet. Maybe they will test it on full scale after raya, lets hope for that, since no point Proton test the MPV while all the staffs busy with Raya preparation.

Proton MPV Wallpaper 2
Proton MPV Wallpaper 32. Anyway, do you like the Proton MPV design? For me, it is just great for the first version. Wait up, I always refer to Proton MPV MPV MPV repeatitively, does it come with a name yet? Well, just wait for it as Proton officials said they will anounce the name somewhere on October 2008, so have you send out your suggestion name entry yet? Yes or no, I dont care because I will never win this kind of contest, I have this bad luck, so I dont want to know.

Proton MPV Wallpaper 4
Proton MPV Wallpaper 5
Proton MPV Wallpaper 63. "Hey hey you missed out something that so important" What's that? "It's the price, come tell us". Uh well, uhh you know, this is MPV. I can say it will be less than RM100k. No point Proton make this superb MPV but at the same time majority of Malaysia population do not afford to pay the price. Heard it will be RM70k but dont give hope on that. Good news is there will be competitor from Perodua automaker on MPV release, so price will be affortable right? Ok got to go now. I'll update when I have more crucial information.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

He Lived. Wear Your Helmet!

Motorcycle Lorry Crash Pictures 11. I got this email from my colleague, it has been a while, might as well you already read this email, but in case you didn't, this is something you need to stop and ponder. I will comment a bit about this road safety email based on my observation.

2. Introduction: A truck was traveling down the highway at around 1 o'clock in the morning near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Motorcyclist was traveling at about 120mph (180km/h) and ran into the back of the moving semi-truck. Truck driver said he felt the impact, and it took almost a 1/4 mile for him to pull over. This is what we found...

Motorcycle Lorry Crash Pictures 23. What that guy is doing? Looking for his lost stuff inside the truck? But his body position is just too weird for the task. Lets zoom it a bit..

Motorcycle Lorry Crash Pictures 34. Holy Moly Poly! The head is just stuck at the back of the lorry. You might wonder why the rescuer didnt remove the guy from the lorry. You know the answer? I dont know, but from my humble opinion, it is either the guy was already dead (which implies that the title of the email is just wrong! haha). OR you know, you cant just remove a person from the scene without any consultation from medical expert as if u remove the guy wrongly, high possibility that the condition of the guy would be worsen and might as well be dead.

Motorcycle Lorry Crash Pictures 4
Motorcycle Lorry Crash Pictures 55. The introduction told us that the biker's speed was about 180km/h. So do you believe that? Maybe there were witnesses but how trustworthy these witnesses are? Even expert cant determine speed of a vehicle just by looking at it unless there are some reference point for example the expert know the speed of lorry before that severe collision. But based on my experience, the speed is relevant as I have seen my real friend speed up to 220km/h using his R1 motorbike! Anyway, to summarize thing, helmet is indeed could save life or at least if it didnt, it save your head from blowing out so that somebody will recognize you and your remaining is still intact. So what are you waiting for? Wear your helmet!

Update and Editted: He was DEAD, so my 1st assumption is correct. Follow this Link to Know the Truth

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Airbag is Useless without Seatbelt

Children Seatbelt
1. I just realize that there is some “weird” culture among Malaysian which is lazy to wear seatbelt while driving. They are proud that they drive on high class safety vehicle. “Why should I wear seatbelt, my car got dual airbag system, also seat and side airbag too, those enough to protect me on any unexpected event, so no need for me to wear seatbelt”.

Proton SRS Airbag2. Let me to tell you this, some of you might aware of the label on the airbag pad. Majority of cars nowadays has SRS airbag system. What is SRS? Well, that is stands for Supplemental Restraint Systems. “So what dude? This doesn’t help to make me wear seatbelt?”.

3. The answer is on the S, not superman but “supplemental” word. What does it mean? It means supplemental which in other word means secondary or an addition. “Huh bro, even my baby knows that”. Yeah the different is your baby does not know what the primary or first safety device is. Let me tell you, it is seatbelt and airbag is just a secondary.

4. When designers design an airbag, they have an assumption that the driver or occupants of the vehicle wear the seatbelt. So, even if you car is the safest vehicle on earth, without wearing seatbelt, your life is not guaranteed to be spared. So please wear seatbelt even your car doesn’t have an airbag. In other words, airbag is useless without wearing seatbelt.

5. I always wonder, is it hard to wear the seatbelt? Majority of you will say it is easy, and piece of cake but at the same time only a portion of you wear the seatbelt in the moving vehicle. Maybe you guys just don’t deepen the reason of to wear the seatbelt. So, by giving this small piece of info on why you have to wear a seatbelt, hopefully your consciousness on road safety will at least arise a little bit. Slowly but surely, let’s make our next generation benefits from the safe culture we practice today.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drag Truck Powered by Rocket Engine!

1. This is just too awesome where a drag truck has been equipped with rocket engine and trying to be super fast. Looks really gorgeous! The only thing not superb is the truck own safety hehe. No way the driver can survive any collision if only the truck crash.

2. I want to tell you about how fast the truck goes but seems like not thrilling if were to tell you. just watch the video ok. :D Dont ask me how fast the truck is coz I don't know, I only know the speed if the truck crashed. Thanks to Ramizam, my colleague for sending me this awesome movie file.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper

Honda City 2009
Honda City 20091. As requested, here is the wallpaper of new Honda City 2009. Too bad that the wallpaper didnt show its awesome back view. But who cares right?

2. It is officially released in Thailand last few days and the price of Thai Bath is after converted to USD is in the range of $19000 - $24000 which means in Ringgit Malaysia is around RM57000 to RM72000!!!

3. But I doubt the sell of Honda in Malaysia will be that cheap. It is just inner sense, might be true and might be not. But what we can confirm is the price wont exceed RM100k which is quite affortable. Well, we will see..For more pictures, visit this page.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crash of Unlucky Perodua Viva

Perodua Viva
1. About 3 weeks ago, few days after arriving Malaysia, and on my first day in office after 2 long months outstationed, I had to attend a crash investigation on case of head on collision between Perodua Viva and express bus at Rompin, Pahang. The accident caused 3 fatalities on Perodua Viva occupants, and none casualties on bus occupants.

Perodua Viva 22. At first I was kind of shock on seeing the anomaly end result of Perodua Viva, due to all parts were broken are spreading into pieces, unattached engine and sheared roof. No way a head-on collision could cause damage like that even I have prepared my mind for the worst. But still, the severity is beyond my imagination.

Express Bus3. As I went along with the investigation, interviewing the police officer; actually after the head on collision, the Perodua Viva had been dragged for almost 70 meters and went together with the bus into a ravine at the side road. Now that is making sense to me. Even the safest car in the world can't withstand such impact and terminologies of crash.

4. 5 star cars without 5 star drivers and not on the 5 star roads will be useless. You got what I mean?

5. At the police station, I saw a gloomy little face of sad woman, and without even talking to her, I could sense that she was the spouse of the deceased. I had a little chit chat with the brother of the deceased, who accompanied the poor woman to make a police report. I know the feeling very well but for some reason, I just couldn’t react. I just do the regular job I did and for me, I’m the worst man in the world because not comforting her, or at least talking to her. Well, I am this kind of person, so shy talking to strangers :p.

6. That night, on the muhasabah moment (personal reflection of things we do during the day) before sleeping, I’m thinking that she just lost a husband and 2 children, and together with her at that time, her two other children. Lesson of the day, for me to be better person, I know talk will do nothing to her, plus I'm not that kind of cordial person and it might be will make her tears drop again and to be truth, I can’t stand any tears (which means my tears will drop too huhu), especially on this kind of event. But i think, a small contribution of donation will make her happier or at least her children.

Rompin7. I wonder how they will go on with life, with the main income getter for the family was gone, but I know Allah will help. Things happen with a reason. I will pray for the victims will be strong and can go on with the life.

8. This is the main reason I and you guys have to tackle the road safety issues with the hope nobody will be sad and things like this would be never happen in the future. You should play the role too, be careful on the road and please help in any way to improve the road safety so that later our next generation will be benefits from our work today. But to my dismay, the other hand happens to our office....

9. "You making me work on weekend, sacrificing my happy moment bla bla bla". This is a saying from somebody (Mr X) to one of my colleague here. And what my colleague did actually? He just asked him a help during the weekend and of course my colleague is working too at that time, sacrificing his weekend but the difference is he do not mind with the extra work. Be grateful that you are not in our CRU team, who work even in our precious Raya celebration holidays and we never lamenting about it. Working on weekend is just a normal for us. So please, cut the crap and do the work. How we can improve our road safety if you can't even sacrifice this small thing??

Editted: I dunno who is this Mr X coz my colleague didnt tell me. And I dont want to know.
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

MIROS a One-Year-Old Baby

MIROS logo1. Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research or well known as MIROS is being 1 year old already. Actually to be precise, it is already alive for 1 year and 8 months. Time is indeed moving so fast that I barely remembered what is actually going on but so many things are changed without we notice it.

2. Some fact about MIROS is the institute began its road safety operation on January 3, 2007 and if I could remember correctly at that time, it has only one staff who is Director General himself. What?! You don't believe me? It is true and the fact that he is alone is went through up until the 3rd or 4th week where Abdul Rahmat Abdul Manap joined as first research officer. Something that you as Malaysian must be proud is MIROS is the first road safety research institute in Southeast Asia as well as the third in the Asia-Oceania region (after those in Japan and Australia). Quite astounding eh?

MIROS Staff3. The objective of the institute, together with Road Safety Department (JKJR) is to reduce the the accident rate by more than 50% from the current 4.2 deaths per 10,000 vehicles to two deaths per 10,000 vehicles by 2010. Can we achieve that? We will see.

4. The research officers and staffs are increasing each month, from merely 15 people (when I joined) up to 180 people at the moment (actually I not even know the number but this is the latest fact that I know huhu), scattering on administration and 3 major departments which is Human Behavior & Trauma Management, Traffic Safety & Environment and Biomechanics & Vehicle Safety.

5. 3 months ago, MIROS had been led by Prof Dato' Radin Umar Radin Sohadi (transferred) but currently led by Prof Dr. Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah with the headquarters located at Taman Kajang Sentral, near SILK Highway. So many things to do, and so many thing to achieve, to being to the same par with other established road safety institute on other countries. But hopefully, with the rapid efforts done by MIROS researchers and staffs, people will benefits greatly and the safety consciousness among people will arise for better future.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crash Compatibility Issue is Not a Joke!

1. I found these pictures on Internet, taken by a lucky-to-be-there profesional photographer. For me, he's not lucky because these profoundly nightmare event is not something that can be taken lightly by normal people. Me as rookie crash analyst is indeed still has this goose bump feeling whenever I went to the crash site. But not as bad as my first time went to the crash. (I almost vomit at the scene..huhu)

2. Crash compatibility is without a doubt an issue here. This can be analogized as a big watermelon hammered onton a tiny apple. What will happen to the apple in the midst of the event. Of course the apple will explode into pieces. Same thing happening to this poor black car. I'm not sure the model of the car but what I'm pretty sure, even the highest rated safety car will have no chance against this massive vehicle.

3. How this crash happening? Well, I'm not sure either because I were not there and I don't have any significant information to do the investigation but what I know is the title given by the photographer is "Don't Drink and Drive". Thus, it has higher possibility that the crash occured due to either of the drivers drink and crash onto vehicle from opposite direction. Drink is not only bad for your health, but also jeopardy other lives when you driving on the road.

4. On this case, the incompatibility of the crash is worsening the crash itself. Why is actually could the car can be wrecked like that? The answer is simple (it has complex answer but for you to understand, easy word is better). During the crash, the low mass vehicle tends to absorb more energy on the collision. The reason is it has softer body than the huge vehicle. Why? the stiff part of the lorry (chassis) hits the softter part of the car (A-Pillar), not the chassis of the car due to difference on geometry height. The amount of energy absorbed is based on mass ratio. The higher mass ratio, the worst and severe crash would be came out as a result.

5. I posted this to make a reminder to all people that anything can be happening on the road. You might be the safest driver on Earth but if others not, your life still can't be spared when driving on the road. So it is my responsibility, your responsibility and everyone's responsibility to make road is safer and better for all. Let's our next generation benefits from changes that we made today.

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