Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Do Freeways Come to a Stop?

It happens to most drivers at least a few times a year. You are sailing along on the highway or expressway or freeway when you are suddenly forced to come to a stop, or at least a crawl. You can't see why things are slowing around the bend. And when you get there, traffic is moving better. Check this out to learn why and what is the term for that occasion.

Click to Enlarge :O

So what do u think of the "shockwave" and the funnel effect? New terms huh? Please don't feel bad because you are not the only one who not know about this :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

My kind of shoe shop...

Whilst researching for a new project in the “circus field” I came across this amazing design by Rosenbaum. It was inspired by the circus and is complete with displays hanging from the ceiling that represents trapezes, and the Melissa Collection are the modern trapeze artists.

The colorful, futuristic and sculptural qualities of the Melissa Collection are able to dazzle against the uncomplicated interior. The interior stays very minimal using a combination of white, grey, and silver, except for the logo MELISSA ET CIRCUS, which is made of acrylic and purple lines in the neon colors of the campaign. The trapeze swing, twist, and twirl at different levels as the guests immerse themselves in the performance of the collection therefore becoming part of the design experience not just an onlooker.

Interior Design