Friday, July 30, 2010

Artist of the Week #21. Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson is an established multidisciplinary artist and illustrator. His work spans large-scale murals and spaces through to illustrations, character design and commissions for a range of large to small clients.

The works below are various commissions for commercial clients and art galleries. Glenn's techniques include layering aerosol, acrylic, pens and all sorts of found and recycled materials to create dynamic art works.

Duck it's Donald! ... A year without Disney

Rather interestingly a US family has recently pledged to go an entire year without exposing themselves to the Disney corporation in any way. You might think Mickey and his pals would be easy to ignore if you looked the other way when passing the Disney store and making alternative cinema and gift buying decisions. However when you actually start realising just what pies the disney corporation has its white gloved hands in, you begin to realise that for a US family, this is going to cause some difficulty.

The exercise is being carried out by the family,  not because there is particular bad feeling towards Disney as an organisation, as ultimately they do provide hours of entertainment to many thousands of families and children and have created an enviable legacy. It is more a question of avoiding the automatic default to Disney, that is commmonplace in the US and asking the question, if I don't buy Disney, what are the choices?

There are real echoes of Dave Gorman's crusade to cross the US using only independent businesses. It didn't end in total success for dave! We wish the family all the best and hope Disney can struggle through without their investment next year..

To give you an idea we have listed some of the businesses, products and organisations that the Disney corporation is involved with.

Online *  *
Go Network  *  *  *
Playdom (2010)  * *
ABC Daytime Press
Cal Publishing Inc.
Disney Editions
Disney Global Children’s Books
Disney Libri
Disney Press
Disney Publishing Worldwide
ESPN Books
Global Continuity
Global Retail
Hyperion eBooks
Jump at the Sun
Marvel Comics
Michael di Caupa Books
Miramax Books


Automotive Industries
Biography (with GE and Hearst)
Disney Adventures
Disney Magazine
ECN News
ESPN Magazine (distributed by Hearst)
Family Fun
Institutional Investor
Top Famille – French family magazine
US Weekly *
Video Business
Wondertime Magazine

Buena Vista Records
Disney Music Publishing Worldwide
Hollywood Records
Lyric Street Records
Walt Disney Records

ABC Network


WLS – Chicago
WJRT – Flint
KFSN – Fresno
KTRK – Houston
KABC – Los Angeles
WABC – New York City
WPVI – Philadelphia
WTVD – Raleigh – Durham
KGO – San Francisco
WTVG – Toledo

Cable Stations
A&E *
A&E International *
ABC Family
Biography Channel *
Crime and Investigation Network *
Disney Channel
ESPN Classic *
History Channel *
Jetix Europe *
Jetix Latin America
Lifetime Movie Network *
Lifetime Network *
Lifetime Real Women *
Lifetime Real Women *
Military HistoryChannel *
SOAPnet    Cable
Toon Disney


ABC Radio
ESPN Radio (syndicated programming)
WDWD – Atlanta
WMVP – Chicago
WLS – Chicago
KESN – Dallas
KMKI – Dallas-Forth Worth
KRDY – San Antonio
WCOG – Greensboro, NC
WRDZ – Indianapolis
KABC – Los Angeles
KLOS – Los Angeles
KDIS – Los Angeles
KSPN – Los Angeles
KDIZ – Minneapolis – St. Paul
WKSH – Milwaukee, WI
WEVD – New York City
KDZR – Portland, OR
KWDZ – Salt Lake City
KIID – Sacramento
KMKY – Oakland
KQAM – Wichita
KKDZ – Seattle
WSDZ – St. Louis
WWMK – Cleveland
KMIK – Phoenix
KDDZ – Denver
WWMI – Tampa
KMIC – Houston
WMYM – Miami
WBWL – Jacksonville
WBYU – New Orleans
KDIS – Little Rock
WWJZ – Philadelphia
WWJZ – Philadelphia
WMKI – Boston
WDZK – Hartford
WDDZ – Providence
WDZY – Richmond
WGFY – Charlotte
WDYZ – Orlando
WMNE – West Palm Beach
WEAE – Pittsburgh
WDRD – Louisville
WDDY – Albany, NY
KPHN – Kansas City
WQUA – Mobile
WBML – Jacksonville
WFDF – Detroit
WFRO – Fremont, OH
WDMV – Damascus, MD
WHKT – Norfolk Radio Disney

A&E IndieFilms
Buena Vista
Hollywood Pictures
Miramax Films
Studio Ghibli (North American distributor)
Touchstone Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Disney Cruise Line
Disney Vacation Club
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland
Tokyo Disney Resort
Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney World Resort

AETN Consumer products
Baby Einstein Company
Club Penguin
Disney Apparel, Accessories and Footwear
Disney Consumer Economics
Disney Food, Health and Beauty
Disney Home Furnishings and Decor
Disney Interactive Studios
Disney Live Family Entertainment
Disney on Ice
Disney Stationery
Disney Theatrical Productions
Disney Toys
Muppets Holding Company
Tapulous (2010)
The Disney Store
Walt Disney Internet Group

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toyota FT-86 upcoming new sports car pictures | details

for a while ago Toyota FT-86 was a concept car and Toyota claimed that they going to release it at the end of year 2011. according to the promise last week Toyota announced the exact release date of this car. according to them the production of the car is 50 present complete.
the concept car was shown at 2009 Tokyo motor show with a 2.0 liter Subaru engine. it had six-speed manual transmission and ADVICS brakes.

Olympics latest...

With 729 days to go, the olympic site in east London is coming along nicely:

The London 2012 Organising Committee is calling on the UK public to start planning their Games. I'm gonna do the 100 metres me. Followed by that gymnastics thing with a ball and maybe the one where you get a stick with a really long ribbon on the end.

SoVibrant Architecture and Design 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Will Honda Car Failure Jeopardy Your Life?

PETALING JAYA: How far will you go to get your car fixed? In these day of light-speed emails, instant messages and cellphones, an irate car-owner decided to adopt an old-school method of seeking redress — by placing stickers all over his problematic car.

And the message on the stickers read: "My Honda Tak Guna" (My Useless Honda).

To make sure he got the full attention of the car manufacturer, this sticker-adorned vehicle was parked outside the Honda Malaysia sales and service office here in Section 13 — much to the amusement of many pedestrians and motorists.

As to why he had resorted to such measures, events executive Jess Ross said his car brakes kept failing despite several repairs.

"Three months after buying the car, the rear brakes started giving way.After having these replaced by Honda, the same problem occurred three months later with the brakes giving way in the middle of the road.

"Luckily, I wasn't hit by another car when it happened."

After sending the 15-month old car to the Honda authorised service centre, Sumber Auto, Ross claimed to have been told the car had its front brake callipers fitted wrongly during the original assembly.

Even after the brake calipers were rectified, Jess' woes continued with the calamitous Honda Accord he bought for about RM140,000.

Three months later, after getting his disc brake pads replaced for the second time, his Honda Accord started juddering again.

This time Honda mentioned the brake discs needed to be skimmed.

"On June 20 , there was a screeching sound from my front wheels and the car started juddering again. This time, I decided enough was enough. The car was towed to the Honda service centre for a fourth check on this particular screeching issue."

Claiming manufacturing defects, Ross said: "My demands are simple, firstly I want Honda to fully rectify the problems on my car and include a manufacturer's guarantee that such defects will not recur.

"Secondly, Honda could replace my car with another guaranteed problem-free unit. If all else fails, I want Honda to buy back the car at the purchase price.

"Honestly, I am still open to negotiations and a win-win situation I feel, is the best for both parties," he said, stressing he has no plans to remove the eye-catching stickers from his car.

A Honda Malaysia representative said the company remained committed to inspecting, servicing and repairing the problematic vehicle.

"The company would like to assure Ross the affected vehicle will be serviced and repaired to his satisfaction." Still unhappy with this response, Ross asked: "Why is it Honda Malaysia can't guarantee their parts, which serve a basic function of braking, to function properly?

"Is it too much to ask for a guarantee for their supposedly original parts which they recommended we use?"

Story Resource: MIROS CRU

Friday, July 23, 2010

Artist of the Week # 20 James Clyne

James is the creative designer behind one of the biggest disaster movies since Independence Day. 2012 is a film based on the well known belief that  the world will end on the 21st of December 2012 due to the suns destructive force. With blockbuster films like Armageddon, Deep Impact and The Core. James had an extremely hard job to create an original environment of a dying world.
This isn't the first film James Clyne has had the privilege to work on. In fact James has one of the best Resume's in the industry, working on such films as Minority Report,  A.I, Troy, Polar Express, War of the Worlds, X-Men, Transformers and Star Trek and many more. 
James Clyne has done a lot in his carrier since graduating in 1996. We hope to see more of his work in the years to come.
To see more of James work visit his sight at:
SoVibrant / artist of the week

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ferrari world theme park in abudabi | pictures and details

i think this is the first time that a car company did this kind of thing. Ferrari world theme park will start functioning from October 2010. the red roof of this theme park made with metal and spans 200,000 square metres. and there is the biggest Ferrari logo on it. this theme park has couple of tracks and world's fastest roller coaster as well. Another experience that is sure to be unforgettable is the G-Force – which takes passengers on a ride over 62 m – through the roof and back again!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ferrari concept car unconfirmed pictures and details

these are the pictures of a new Ferrari concept car. still they haven't confirmed yet but seems like a very nice design. anyway i also feel this design is little bit far away from Ferrari's own classical theme but also it may be their future theme. but again, these pictures has not been confirmed as real pictures.

The Abu Dhabi Louvre

Due to my excitement for a trip to Paris this weekend, I thought I would blog a project with some relevance.

Although based in Abu Dhabi, the French architect Jean Novel has designed the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum to showcase artwork from around the world. The construction is to be ongoing until 2012/13 and will amount to a massive 24,000 sqm complex of pavilions, plazas, alleyways and canals to create an illusion of a city floating on the sea. Its web patterned dome allows the sun light to filter through the building, almost forcing the building to become a piece of art itself, an idea stemming from sunlight passing through a date palm in an oasis.

Not only is the project estimated a huge 83million to 108million Euros, the use of the name ‘Louvre’ (for thirty years) is costing a massive 520million Euros!

Architecture, Interior Design, Art

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Volkswagen E-Up! upcoming electric car pictures and details

Volkswagen E-Up is a upcoming electric car of Volkswagen which announced in this June. it's a light and small car and they going to release it to the market in year 2013. even if it's a small car, Volkswagen E-Up! is not an expensive car, will cost not more than $11000. this car has a 60W electric motor powered with li-iron batteries and can drive about 130Km from full charge.
also Volkswagen E-Up! can reach 0-50km/h within 3.5 seconds.

BMW M3 on 360° Forged

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chrysler Mopar 2010 Challenger limited edition pictures and details

Chrysler recently unveiled a special car, Mopar 2010 Challenger. the special thing is this is a limited edition and they going to manufacture 500 units only. this car has couple of sports features like cold air intake and hood venting. Chrysler Mopar 2010 Challenger available in different colours and automatic and manual transmission as well. the manual transmission version is expensive than automatic version.

Artist of the Week #19 John Brown

John Brown has been a part of the Hollywood scene for several years. working on such films as The Scorpion King, Planet of the Apes, The Hulk, Species 2 and the biggest being Alien Resurrection. Whereas your traditional concept artist will create 2D visuals, brown sculptures character's from scratch out of clay, giving the director and producers a better understanding his design.

When Brown Isn't working on the concept stage he's helping to create some of the final detailed costumes and masks that make it on the big screen.

Sadly, His skills are one of the many traditional skills that will one day be lost due to the advancements in 3D character animation, the biggest example being Avatar. Let's hope that pyrotechnics, Prosthetics and other skills like these stick round for that little bit longer.

To view more of John Brown work Visit

 To view John Browns Digital Lectures Visit

Artist of the Week / Sovibrant

DuPont Corian

I'm sure we're all familiar with the seamless sculptural qualities of Dupont's Corian solid surface, but here are a few inspiring images of Amanda Levete's 'Super Surfaces' project. Based on ripples on a pond, these forms really push the technical capabilities of the product...

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