Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Divine Interventions

I've seen many a church conversion and restoration project featured on Grand Designs, but this one below is pretty special.
The Designers have given a Catholic church in Utrecht a new life as an exclusive private residence.
They have highlighted the original details - the stained glass windows, the organ, the archways and cross - by painting everything else white, which I both like and dislike at the same time.
From my previous blogs for Sovibrant, my colleagues clearly know my love of white interiors.
Here is another beautiful example, however this time they may have overdone it, with the new white floor.
Stone or timber would have been a better option, with original timber boards or a new limestone tiled ground floor.
This aside I'd love to live in this church building - the open plan, high ceilings and the mixture of old and new works beautifully.

Interior Design

How to Solve Road Traffic Problem?

1. Have you ever wondered on how to solve road traffic problem in the city? I think the problem is not only occurred at Malaysia, but also the rest of the world. Following is the creative photo that showed us literally on how to make our city more spacious.

2. Are you agree or not on this type of method? Bus is the best answer I guess. Bicycle could be the answer but definitely not a horde of cars. :)

Source: Natasha Llyod Flickr

Cool product - Spider Podium

Anyone who has an iphone, knows the issues associated with showing video to someone or watching a video longer than 30 secs. The iphone and its peers have no stands! So unless you hold it in your hand, it is impossible to keep your smartphone on mp3 player upright.  

Enter the Spider Podium... Your very own personal in dash GPS and movie player console. Holster your SatNav GPS on the dash of your car, hang your smartphone or movie player on the back of a train seat, holster your mp3 player on a plane tray table, dock your phone bedside in a hotel, even take it on the beach.

A nice product, well executed and a lot cooler than hanging a DVD player around the headrest of your car. ; )

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3D visualisation of the week !

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to our visualisation of the week post!

This weeks image is a little different but is technically a very good piece of 3D visualisation. The visual below was created by FoundationCGI.

This visual demonstrates a great attention to detail as well as cleverly added realism. This is achievent through all of the intentional inconsistencies and nuances in the modelling and texturing. Unfortunately, as we all know, in a commercial environment it is rarely possible to achieve such detailed results. That being said, this level of detail and realism is definitely the goal of any 3D visualiser.

Please feel free to comment on any of the techniques you think may have been used in the creation of the visual.

3D Visualisation

Citroën Survolt Concept

Laneways Art Program 2010, Sydney

The City of Sydney seeks to support the development of new curatorial voices in the public domain to reinvent, rediscover and liven the City's laneways and forgotten spaces. The city’s backstreets are set to take on a new dimension, restoring historical and cultural significance to the city, an issue that was raised to Sydney council in 2008.

The Laneway Art Program Curator will help develop a curatorial theme and select up to eight artists or collaborative teams to develop high quality temporary laneway art projects in response to that theme. The art will be displayed and viewed in 20 different external areas along Laneways. This will relate to the past studies of ways to create visual interest, while at the same time understanding that too much intervention can diminish the character and organic growth of lanes.


Artist of the week #7. Craig Ward

Craig Ward is a New York based typographer and illustrator who likes playing with words. He currently occupies a Senior Designer role at Grey in Manhattan, but prior to that he was in-house typographer for CHI & Partners in London. He continues to be represented on both sides of the Atlantic by Debut Art for whom he creates typographic treatments and illustrations for a variety of clients in advertising, design and publishing.

Craig constantly pushes the artistic side of typography, creating stunning works that range from the gritty and hard hitting to the sublime and the delicate.

Delivering branded interiors for some of the worlds largest organisations, artists like Craig inspire us in how we help companies communicate their message and push the boundaries with their brand.   

A few examples of Craig's work are shown below.

For more info on Craig check out his website @

Monday, March 29, 2010

Who’s Scarier on The Road? Teen or Oldies?

Can you guess who are the winner? Think again...

Click to Enlarge :O

Credit: Auto Insureance

Welcome Adam Lay!

We welcome another member of the SoVibrant team on board this morning. After 3 weeks in Nepal enjoying altitude sickness and living on Pringles, Adam Lay joins our 3D and media team as a 3D visualisation artist.

With a background in transport design, product design and visualisation. Adam again brings another unique set of skills to our ever diversifying team.

We wish Adam all the best!!