Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Costumes + Halloween Car = Superb!

Halloween Batman
1. Halloween is just around the corner and NO, I don’t celebrate it but feel to comment on that. So I figure lots of people (west countries) already prepare for their interesting Halloween Costumes right? From many choices founded out there, I guess most people will choose Batman costumes. Why? I don’t know, it is just my instinct.

Super Halloween car2. But all these are so common, common, you deserve better than this. How about having super cool Halloween car on this weird and horror day, it will as well catch all the eyes on the road. That’s what you want to aim for on that day right?

3. There are many things to do that. First, you need money. Without money, you can’t modify your car appearance. Second, find the car shop that can paint and transform the car to your desired design of Halloween. Third, make sure all policemen in the country will not give you a hard ball. Forth, safety first and don’t be a hazardous object on the road! Not only you used the road, so be considerate okay.

4. After that, time for you to impress, to take the attention, to whatever thing you can imagine. With your interesting superb car and proper Halloween costumes, you can fairly win any Halloween contest on that day. Have it a try!

Video Shots on the 2 Newly Tested Proton MPVs

1. Got this video from the famous Malaysian auto blogger, Paul Tan. The video taken on the PLUS highway near Simpang Pulai. It is not only one, but two MPVs and this video definitely shows the real face of Proton MPV.

2. It's up to you to judge it. Good or bad. Pretty or Ugly. Thats our national made MPV. So please at least be proud :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Useful is the Roadside Assistance?

Honda Civic EK4 White
1. Have you ever experience car break down in the middle of night and nobody to contact too? I didn't have it yet but wish not to have that kinda creepy experience. Do you want it? I guess not too eh. This is where we need some roadside assistance called us fidelis. They can tow your car to the garage at any time and anywhere.

2. "Wait dude, what the heck is us fidelis anyway?". Well, I can say it is one of many useful agency that can help you during car break down. Besides assisting you on the problem, they also cover your repair costs on your prefered garage. As you all know, automotive repair costs is really expensive, especially when your warranty already expired. So you definitely need this kind of service. Pretty awesome eh.

3. "How about the price?". Well I can't say it is very cheap service because the truth is an opposite. But what I can say is the service worth your money value. Plus you can tailor you own warranty plans. Still not enough? I guess you should contact them by yourself and learn the benefits provided by the service. I'm here only can suggest but the dicision is yours to make.

Palma Tree Crashed Toyota Vios at Putrajaya

Car Tree Crash1. This is the scene picture of Toyota Vios hit onto a palma tree by local newspaper at Putrajaya about a week ago. The mighty Toyota Vios was being "bananized" (from word banana huhu) by a mere tree. Please don't underestimate what a tree could do to you okay.

2. A lot of people when seeing this kind of picture must say, "this car was speeding, at least 130km/h". What the heck. But from CCTV that I watched, it is not! But I can say it is about 90-110 km/h. Bear in mind that the accident happened at uphill route with a little curve.

Palma Tree Killed Vios3. Since lots of people used Toyota Vios in Malaysia, there is something you need to know about your car. The crash was happening when the Vios was suddenly hit the brake, lost control, hit the road shoulder and pivoting the car towards a Palma tree. The keyword here is hitting a sudden brake. "Dude, how do you know the Vios hit the brake before lost control". Aiyaaa, did I tell you earlier, I watched the CCTV already!

4. My colleague told me that he saw couple of accidents in front of him involving Vios and all might be due to the brake. Why? Because before the car lost control, he saw the braking light and the car just boom. Luckily on his experiences, no fatalities involved.

5. So I digged more on the brake perfomance of the car. Another colleague said, "Aku suka Vios sebab brek dia cengkam gile, tekan sket je dh tangkap". So what this supposed to mean? What will happen during emergency situation? You know, very sensitive brake system is not good, especially if you drive on the high speed and on the wet road.

Crashed Toyota Vios6. Putrajaya has indeed a beautiful landscape and I can say it is among the most beautiful place in the world. Recently the authorities launched zero fatalities at Putrajaya but up to today, 9 deaths have been reported on the road. All crashes are almost relating due to the landscape problems. I drove at Putrajaya road yesterday, and I saw trees in front of the guardrail. Why?? Does the guardrail should be used to guard the trees, why the opposite thing happening? This is not just right, something needed to be done to ensure zero fatalities vision at Putrajaya.

Crashed Toyota Vios 2
Crashed Toyota Vios 37. So lesson of the day, if you got Toyota Vios, be careful with your brake system, don't do anything stupid like driving fast during raining day, if possible, make it less "sensitive". One more thing, if you drove epecially at Putrajaya road on any vehicle, please slow down your car during raining day or wet road. The road looks extremely fine but will turn bad and hazardous during raining and wet time.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Janitor on the Road is Indeed a Hazard

Janitor on Road1. Today I have a day off since for the past 16 days I was working straight on without any holidays even on weekend. If I were still in US, my employer already being sued because of that but here it is normal but who am I to sue goverment eh? Haha. Anyway, I used this rarely precious time to go shopping (alone is the best).

2. While driving on MRR2 towards Kepong, suddenly I saw a janitor with green vest was sweeping the side of the road. Inside me, I really thought that guy really don't value his life. No cone, no sign of work, but only safety vase. Is it enough? I saw that scene on the opposite lane though.

3. But on my way back to home, like an hour later, I was driving quite fast (about 100km/h, shuhh please not tell anybody) on the very right lane. On the middle lane, there was a huge lorry, and in front of me was another fast car, a grey Proton Gen 2.
4. While passing the lorry, suddenly the Proton Gen 2 in front of me swerf to the left and I'm the one who right behind him had really short time to evade whatever thing he was trying to avoid, plus there was a lorry on my left. But luckily I succeed to shun it. It was the previous janitor!
5. When I avoided him, I was like 1 cm distance from him. Huhhh so close. It was Bangladesh man I think. Why the employer didnt value his employee's life properly? Is he that cheap? And what will happen to me if I hit him? I will be traumarized for a long time I guess that I cant drive my car again. Both will have the consequences.
6. Lesson of the day, be careful with these kind of people (janitors on roads), this is not the first time I saw them on road without proper safety equipment. But only this time, it almost got me into trouble. So open your eyes, look around for these possible hazards!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nissan Skyline GTR 35 2009: A New Dream Car

Skyline GTR35 11. Nissan will continue building the GT-R in the 21st Century, providing the ultimate driving pleasure to even more people worldwide. In its next generation Nissan is looking to introduce the GT-R to markets worldwide, even got huge competency from other Japan car makers such as Honda and Mitsubishi.

Skyline GTR35 22. Successive generations of the GT-R have consistently pursued the ultimate in driving pleasure. Over the years, the GT-R has continued to be a supreme-performance road-going car that delivers superb driving pleasure by responding faithfully to the driver's demands. Just sitting in the driver's seat of the GT-R produces a feeling of excitement!

Skyline GTR35 33. With its unrivaled power, the engine has delivered outstanding acceleration and top speed combined with a driving sensation. A superior braking system has provided powerful braking performance, and an outstanding suspension has enabled the GT-R to corner with remarkable quickness.

Skyline GTR35 4
Skyline GTR35 54. The GT-R has been the showcase for the highest levels of acceleration, cornering and stopping capabilities. The delicate balance between the powerful engine and responsive suspension has been pushed as each system surpassed last generation technology. As a result of that never-ending process, the GT-R has continued to embody the most advanced technologies available in every era.
p/s: I love the rear end of the car. Looks gorgeous!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Proton MPV 2009 Spotted. Again??!!

Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 11. Proton has launched the prototype of its MPV for testing since last September. But only around this moment, so many Proton MPV has been spotted on roads and got snapped by people. A picture above was taken at MRR2 near Batu Caves en route to Kepong area. You might be wondering how much the Proton MPV price when it is launched next year. Me too actually, cant help it. Time for me to think about auto loans and stuff so that my spent will be still on budget.

Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 22. Meanwhile these 3 next pictures are taken at Seberang Prai if I were not mistaken. You might said that these pictures are fake and the pictures actually some other MPV brand. Dude, go see the plate number, dont you think it is weird? Let me tell you, it is actually a plate number specially designed for car testing use. Wake up! You like it or not, these are the new Proton MPV! Even if you liked it, if you got bad credit auto loans, say goodbye to this new Proton MPV hehe.

Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 3
Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 43. I'll post more if I got new pictures of new Proton MPV on the road and will share to you guys. So stay tuned :)

A Glance on New Toyota Prius 2009

New Toyota Prius 20091. Toyota Prius is a leading of top selling hybrid car in US for years, killing quite number of gas credit cards companies. To maintain its prestigious achievement, the new model need to release and somebody has some photo shots on the new Prius model that planned to be released on January next year.

2. "What the heck is hybrid anyway, I always heard couple of times but still didnt get the idea of it. How actually the car kill Auto rewards credit cards industry anyway, as claimed by you at above statement?"

3. Easy bro, you could read it from the internet and undeniably lots of information can be found about hybrid car. But the reason you didnt get it because you are lack of car jargon (terms) in your mind dictionary. Let me tell you in easy words on how actually hybrid car works.

4. Hybrid car didnt use gas during gear 1 and 2. To be truth, most of gas consumption is during transition of gear 1 and 2. So if you were being on the bad traffic jam, the hybrid car is the best for you as you almost use none of you gas, thus save your petrol money. Instead, during that phase, the hybrid car use electric power. Got it? Thats the basic you need to know. Till then, bye. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jokes of Strong Safety Culture

Traffic Vehicle Joke 11. In the midst of many people have difficulties on promoting safety culture on public, there are also some exeggerate practices among people that will of course create jokes on the safety culture itself. Is it required for use to go this far? I don't think so. These jokes for me will only make people look down on the safety promotion. Well, maybe.

Traffic Vehicle Joke 22. But anyway, regardless what I said above, please enjoy these jokes pictures below. Freaking funny Hehe. All vehicles are locked in their unique ways.

Traffic Vehicle Joke 3
Traffic Vehicle Joke 4
Traffic Vehicle Joke 5

Car Vehicle Lock 1
Car Vehicle Lock 2

Car Vehicle Lock 4

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Safety: Silent Hazard Emission from Your Car

A Dog in Car Window
1. I got this email from a friend. Already search on the Internet to find the truth of this email but lead me to nowhere. But if we think logically, it is relevant suggestion and need to be instilled in our mind, especially those who reside in tropical countries like Malaysia.

2. According to research done by a U.C., the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener will emit Benzene, a cancer causing toxin (carcinogen). In addition to causing cancer, it poisons your bones, causes anemia, and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer. May also cause miscarriage.

3. Acceptable Benezene level indoors is 50 mg per sq. ft. A car parked indoors with the windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benezene. If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benezene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level. The people inside the car will inevitably inhale an excess amount of the toxin.

4. It is recommended that you open the windows and door to give time for the interior to air out before you enter. Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver, and is difficult for your body to expel. Prevention is Better than Cure...

New Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 Spotlight

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 11. Toyota has suprisingly released new model of Corolla without telling us the hint. The mule version has been spotted by people on the road and shocked many of them. Somebody manage snap shots and sent me the pictures which what you seen at the moment. Since it is still on testing model, the car parts was wired together. No wonder many people were shocked.

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 22. From the plate number, it has been an honour to Malaysia for being a host for Toyota to test his unique Corolla model prototype. This type of testing is indeed hazardous to other road users. You can't predict when will the parts falling apart, as they are just connected by wires, remember?

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 3

Toyota Corolla Special Edition 2009 43. I wonder how such car can be allowed on the road. The car is indeed hazardous to the people but where is the enforcement? How the car get the road tax and so on. These are indeed a mystery to all of us...Think..

Monday, October 20, 2008

Weird Truck/Prime Mover Designs

Weird Truck 1
Weird Truck 2
Weird Truck 3
Weird Truck 41. As the title says, above are among the weirdest truck or prime movers in the world. They are designed for the future. They are weird now but not tomorrow. Interesting...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Car Suspension Works?

Car Suspension
1. Yesterday a good friend of mine asked me on what’s actually car suspension doing? The reason of the question is because her car didn’t pass the annual inspection due to problem on the car suspension. Pity her. Well, as far as I know the system will absorb the force from rough road for the occupants to have comfortable journey.

2. Also it will make the car safer as the suspension will help during braking and maneuvering. But one thing for sure, if you changed your default suspension by custom suspension accessories, more severe condition will be result in if crash happened.

3. Even though I’m quite happy with the answer I gave to her but really I want to explore more and justify my own answers. So I checked auto accessories online on the term “how suspension works” and found quite useful info about car suspension.

4. The answer I got from internet is actually about what I understand before, not swaying so much, so I feel relieve. “You said we will get more severe condition if changed default suspension but how about if we change our billet to make them look nice?” Cmon bro, the custom billet accessories are not in the car system, they are there just for showing and make the car looks nice. So NO, they wont make the crash more severe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Risk During Car Break Down

Car Broke Down
1. The issue has been raised recently by infamous auto club on the safety of the road users during vehicle breakdown, not necessarily on the highway only, but also on the federal or state road. What will you do to prevent something bad happening or at least to reduce the risk of getting hit by other road users?

2. There are couples of cases happening such as a driver who goes out from the vehicle to check the broke down vehicle getting hit by the heavy vehicle on the expressway. Another case is a car got onto the side barrier and the damage was not too bad because the driver could still go out and check the damage. During the checking, suddenly a car from the road lost control and hit the driver together with the earlier damaged vehicle.

3. For both cases, both innocent drivers died. Why all this happening? Remember the first rule, when you go out from the car in the middle of the expressway, you are kind of naked and you need some protection and one of the protection is to call for roadside assistance.

4. There are quite huge number of available road assistance can be found across the countries. This kind of service is indeed expensive and for your own safety, it really values your money. Plus, some of the service now offering lots of side benefits. One of those is you can get extra Petro Points where you can redeem the points to get free petrol. So what are you waiting for, please act for your own safety…

Horror Road Accident Crash Pictures

1. This is the continuation of this lorry vs. car crash post where crash compatibility is indeed an issue here. Don't look if you have weak heart. Other than that, please take a lesson from the pictures.

2. So please drive your car profesionally and respecting others. You could drive fast but please with full awareness of risks around you. What the heck you drive fast in the heavy rain? Dont be stupid...You might be interested on this horror manufacturing accident pictures too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Downfall of Capitalism: You Might Lost Your Super Car

New Towing Car Wallpaper
1. World is now has been shocked with United States economy crisis where most of big players on the industries has been bankrupted and need to be bailed out. The crisis and the economic turmoil is implicitly without we know it, not only affected housing mortgages, also affected car repossession rights. Yeah, things about the car loan and so on.

2. The downfall of capitalism has brought the change on people. Religion has told us thousand years earlier that capitalism is illegal where poor become poorer and rich become richer and this is indeed unfair. But people are greed and now they got their punishment. This urges people to emphasize on reevaluation of repossession laws.

3. You need something powerful to maintain and sustain your vehicle possession, if not your vehicle will be gone. Bank is so strict at the moment. One of the method is you have to pay off loans to make your finance strong on the eyes on banker. Everybody hurts on this worldwide crisis and if you love your car, you better act now or….tomorrow your car might be towed without you realize it..

In Case of Fatal Accident - What Will You Do?

Fatal on Road1. As title says, what will you do when suddenly being in the scene of any fatal accident? First, you must be shocked, and it is normal for normal person. Then what? Below is some procedures recommended by a safety officer:

2. If the person is still alive, please asking help from medical officers or somebody with at least know first aid skill.

3. Don't remove the victim's body due to it might worsen the injury. However, if the body is near some other hazard such as machine, burning stuffs, or whatever that you perceive it as a hazard, you could change the relocate of the body.

4. If you have doubt whether the victim is still alive or not, please find help from those who know the skill.

5. If the victim is confirmed being dead, please cover the body with any sheet (better with some kind of cloth, but newspaper is good too if you got no choice) to prevent any trauma by those who being on the scene and also to give some respect on deceased's private part.

6. However, open a little bit space on the victim's feet to show to people that there is dead body laid on the place. Also, please mark the location of the deceased body with any rope or anything to help authorities for their case report.

7. The rest, please leave it to the authorities..

8. Hopefully this piece of information will be helpful. This post is tranlation from one Malay article on OSH The Journey. So no wonder the words sounds a little bit weird, oh maybe most of them are wrongly translated. I'm suck at translating. Period. Haha.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Drag Racing Race Safer?

Drag Racing Wallpaper
1. While almost everybody is so noisy with the severe road safety problems in Malaysia, there is a sport, and well I can say it is one of sport that didn’t give a damn about what’s happening. The sport looks the most dangerous thing on earth but without you realize it, it is among the safest sport on earth. The sport that I’m referring to is drag racing. Does the sport ring some bell on your head?

2. I got the feeling you are kinda lost when I talk about this kind of sport. How about if I tell you about muscle cars? The one that usually being modified until it looks fierce and sturdy. Still not eh, hmm you leave me no choice, I think a picture tells thousand words and I agree with the saying.

Muscle Cars Wallpaper3. So if you interested, what you are waiting for. Guess what, even it is an old model, you could buy it. Hell yeah, the one that I’m talking about is on the sale ranging from Toyota, Mazda to Pontiac, Chevrolet and Ford. There are couples of places where you can find these muscle cars on sale. The only problem is that the sport is not well popular and accepted in Asia. The Asians are more interested on getting killed on the road by racing on the street, not only will kill themselves, also someone who innocent. Grow up pals!