Friday, July 25, 2008

Shocking Facts on Vehicle Safety (I): Seatbelts Part 1

Road Crash Picture
1. Many people believe that in road traffic accident, speeding is the main factor of killing people, or simply can be put in a better statement, “speeding your vehicle will speed your life”.

2. That is not 100% true because in fact, it is NOT speed that kills, but actually is the SUDDENT STOP. Why? Let’s take an example.

3. A red car is driving 120km/h and then suddenly lost control and went to the side of road, and fortunately the side has a long wall. The car is hitting the wall (not head on), and dragging along the wall. After 50 meters, the car stopped and what do you think the luck of the driver?

4. Ok another example, might be some of you is lucky enough experience this or ever heard of the case. A blue car traveling along the highway at 120km/h and suddenly out of nowhere got hit from the back by an unknown vehicle. The blue car spun and went turtle, dragged on the road for about 60 meters. Assuming both drivers wear the seatbelt. What happen to the drivers?

5. The answer for both cases is they still alive because they told you the story! How could dead men tell you the story right? “Hmm bro, I think you are a little bit away from main point, what are you trying to say by giving those examples?” Be patient.

6. Now let’s look on a case where head on collision, a red car at the speed of 120km/h hit head on with a blue car at the speed of any (could be 50, 100, or 120). Bang! After the collision both are stopped, immediately less than a second. From the outside we could see the event like it’s just in a blink an eye. Suddenly the occupants in blood and the cars wrecked like hell.

7. Let’s see this video from Youtube on the movement of the occupants in a slow motion.

8. From the video above, in a split second we could see that the man that not wearing rear seatbelt hitting hard all other occupants who wear the seatbelts and this happen very fast and only in milliseconds. When the rescuer or public people come to see, the position of the occupants is just like before the impact.

9. The flying unbelted man is coming back to his seat like nothing is happening, and "looks very cute where he lean on her gf shoulder". What they didn’t know is during those micro seconds, everything is happening.

10. They might asked, “How this women bloody injured? She sat on her seat and belted too, doesn’t make any sense she could be injured like that”. How? Why? What? All those are commonly asked; even the investigation police officer has pain in the ass to figure things out.

11. Those people didn’t know, but now you know it and you should start now to wear the seatbelt. Even only one person inside the vehicle do not wear the seatbelt, she/he could become hazardous to your safety.

12. Thus, your responsibility is not only to wear the seatbelt but to remind occupants in the car to wear it too.

13. All the drivers should bear the responsible for this. Please read My Rear Seatbelt Post on how other occupants could kill you during the crash. Before starting any journey, especially long distance journey, please ensure that all the occupants inside the vehicle is belted.

14. You might be thinking, I am a safe driver, possibilities for me to involve in accident is very low. You are wrong! Anything could be happening on roads, you know, they are lots of idiots out there. Prevention is better than cure, as I could say.

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