Saturday, December 27, 2008

5 Steps on How to Stay Safe Alone in a Parking Garage

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Many people feel safe at the home parking garage where they usually equip with latest alert technology and decorate it with nice furniture from garage cabinets online. However, without we realize it, on the other hand, many assaults and rapes are committed in parking garages because they are often dimly lit, poorly observed and provide countless places to hide. You can protect yourself in these situations with a little planning and common sense ... and these are top 5 of the simple steps.

1. Pack everything in a rolling suitcase or shoulder-strap bag, including your briefcase and laptop. Keep your hands free. It’s better to make two trips than to be bogged down with bags which makes you a perfect target. If you have cash or expensive jewelry, hide these on your person or in your biggest piece of luggage—not in your purse, which is easiest to steal.

2. Carry a non-folding umbrella with a steel tip on it, if you have no luggage. Use it like a walking stick and walk lively, clacking the tip against the ground. These make pretty good weapons and even if you aren't a fighter, you are still adding complications for the bad guys to overcome.

3. Be aware of your surroundings. Park in the best-lit space closest to your point of entry. Don’t park in a crammed space next to a wall that leaves no exit. Park near other people—there’s safety in numbers.

4. Note your exact location and avoid wandering around when it's time to leave. Look around the area while driving, parking and before leaving your car. If you have luggage, open the trunk from inside, go to it quickly, grab your things, close the trunk and leave. Don’t hang around.

5. Make sure you can see and hear and run and scream. No big hats, spiked heels, eating as you walk or music plugged into your ears. Don't wear anything that someone could hold you with. Tuck scarves, long beads, necklaces, long hair, braids and even purses if possible inside your clothing until you’re inside.

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