Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disturbing Crashed Black Toyota Vios 2009 Photos

1. Above is the newly black Toyota Vios 2009 photo during the launching. Looks pretty cool huh. Have you wondered how the crashed Toyota Vios looks like? Last time I have submit some photos of Toyota Vios crashed onto a Palma Tree. This time, another newly black Toyota Vios hit the wired rope barrier and this accident claimed 3 lives. The accident happened at wee hours (4 am) and the driver suspected using a pill.

2. From this kind of crash, what we can learn is you should try avoid driving during wee hours as our body clocks are just not suitable to work optimally. Second, please wear your rear seatbelt. The rear seatbelts are there not just for the show. You must wear it for your own safety. Lastly, wired rope barrier might be hazardous to road users, so please be careful when driving on those highway stretch that using wired rope barrier (since no research has been done yet to justify this).

3. Below are the photos of crashed black Toyota Vios 2009 for you to take a lesson.

toyota vios black 1
toyota vios black 2
toyota vios black 3
toyota vios black 4
toyota vios black 5
toyota vios black 6
toyota vios black 8
toyota vios black 9
toyota vios black 10

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