Saturday, March 21, 2009

Road Traffic Accident Photos at Doha Photos

Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 11. I stumbled upon this news when browsing the internet. A pretty severe road traffic accident that happened about 5-6 months ago at rich city of Doha, Qatar. I don't know the details, the news told me nothing but from the photos, we can see that it was collision between a tanker and a jeep.

2. The accident was probably initially caused by the tanker, if we look from the crash configuration where the tanker on top of the jeep. The tanker lost control, roll over and happened to hit the jeep in a random manner. Well, there are many other reasons can cause such collision. Plus, the accident happened at landmark crossings. But one thing for sure, it is not neccessarily a high speed collision.

Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 2
Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 3
Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 4


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