Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bus Runs Over Woman at Confusing Crossing

1. This is such a tragic accident that happened not in Malaysia. A woman, without looking right and left when was crossing the road, was hit by the bus. This videos were captured by CCTV. Thus, the status of the woman is unknown.

Some comments taken from the video streaming site:

That made me feel ill... poor woman, hope she recovers

Near second accident @ 0:28 - shortbus (?) stops for pedestrians going to investigate the poor lady , and a little half-ton comes flying up the left lane as they're crossing in front of the bus - has to really hit the brakes by the looks of it. Is this from somewhere in the the U.K.? And can someone explain that intersection? Like, for example, why the city saw it fit to lead pedestrians on a crosswalk into an abrupt abyss of pavement and death?

oh man thats hard to watch....even though i kept watching it over and over.

She's obviously dead...body can't survive that kind of trauma. If it was a small car maybe she'd walk away with broken bones but that bus piledrived her into oblivion. In case it wasn't drilled into your head enough as a kid: look both ways senseless loss of life because people are in too much of a hurry these days

Pedestrians also have the imperative not to run out into traffic without looking even if they have the right of way. Also, that 'right of way' concept is very western. I have been in some cities elsewhere in the world where a pedestrian is more of a nuisance then something to watch out for.

It looks like it is somewhere in brazil, probably in Sao Paulo were this type of intersection are common..the place where the bus is coming from is a lane just for buses, think train tracks, but for buses and no tracks..
usually they are closed off with walls and or fences, but they do have to open up somewhere for cross traffic..also the type of busses, really common in brazil..
i feal sorry for the lady, she is probably running to catch a bus, since they are not scheduled like here in the US or other places, you never know when the next one will be...hope she is ok

She got to the end of the crosswalk and assumed she only needed to watch cars from the other direction. I assumed the same thing as I was watching (where the ***** did that bus come from). It's very sad, it wasn't retarded, it wasn't stupid, it was an honest mistake, she didn't "deserve" to be hit by a bus because she had a split second lack of judgement, stfu digg.

Well it's hard to design a road that can compensate for people who don't stop and look before running out in the open. I first grade we learned left, right, left. I don't know she thinks she doesn't have to follow that logic.

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