Friday, July 30, 2010

Duck it's Donald! ... A year without Disney

Rather interestingly a US family has recently pledged to go an entire year without exposing themselves to the Disney corporation in any way. You might think Mickey and his pals would be easy to ignore if you looked the other way when passing the Disney store and making alternative cinema and gift buying decisions. However when you actually start realising just what pies the disney corporation has its white gloved hands in, you begin to realise that for a US family, this is going to cause some difficulty.

The exercise is being carried out by the family,  not because there is particular bad feeling towards Disney as an organisation, as ultimately they do provide hours of entertainment to many thousands of families and children and have created an enviable legacy. It is more a question of avoiding the automatic default to Disney, that is commmonplace in the US and asking the question, if I don't buy Disney, what are the choices?

There are real echoes of Dave Gorman's crusade to cross the US using only independent businesses. It didn't end in total success for dave! We wish the family all the best and hope Disney can struggle through without their investment next year..

To give you an idea we have listed some of the businesses, products and organisations that the Disney corporation is involved with.

Online *  *
Go Network  *  *  *
Playdom (2010)  * *
ABC Daytime Press
Cal Publishing Inc.
Disney Editions
Disney Global Children’s Books
Disney Libri
Disney Press
Disney Publishing Worldwide
ESPN Books
Global Continuity
Global Retail
Hyperion eBooks
Jump at the Sun
Marvel Comics
Michael di Caupa Books
Miramax Books


Automotive Industries
Biography (with GE and Hearst)
Disney Adventures
Disney Magazine
ECN News
ESPN Magazine (distributed by Hearst)
Family Fun
Institutional Investor
Top Famille – French family magazine
US Weekly *
Video Business
Wondertime Magazine

Buena Vista Records
Disney Music Publishing Worldwide
Hollywood Records
Lyric Street Records
Walt Disney Records

ABC Network


WLS – Chicago
WJRT – Flint
KFSN – Fresno
KTRK – Houston
KABC – Los Angeles
WABC – New York City
WPVI – Philadelphia
WTVD – Raleigh – Durham
KGO – San Francisco
WTVG – Toledo

Cable Stations
A&E *
A&E International *
ABC Family
Biography Channel *
Crime and Investigation Network *
Disney Channel
ESPN Classic *
History Channel *
Jetix Europe *
Jetix Latin America
Lifetime Movie Network *
Lifetime Network *
Lifetime Real Women *
Lifetime Real Women *
Military HistoryChannel *
SOAPnet    Cable
Toon Disney


ABC Radio
ESPN Radio (syndicated programming)
WDWD – Atlanta
WMVP – Chicago
WLS – Chicago
KESN – Dallas
KMKI – Dallas-Forth Worth
KRDY – San Antonio
WCOG – Greensboro, NC
WRDZ – Indianapolis
KABC – Los Angeles
KLOS – Los Angeles
KDIS – Los Angeles
KSPN – Los Angeles
KDIZ – Minneapolis – St. Paul
WKSH – Milwaukee, WI
WEVD – New York City
KDZR – Portland, OR
KWDZ – Salt Lake City
KIID – Sacramento
KMKY – Oakland
KQAM – Wichita
KKDZ – Seattle
WSDZ – St. Louis
WWMK – Cleveland
KMIK – Phoenix
KDDZ – Denver
WWMI – Tampa
KMIC – Houston
WMYM – Miami
WBWL – Jacksonville
WBYU – New Orleans
KDIS – Little Rock
WWJZ – Philadelphia
WWJZ – Philadelphia
WMKI – Boston
WDZK – Hartford
WDDZ – Providence
WDZY – Richmond
WGFY – Charlotte
WDYZ – Orlando
WMNE – West Palm Beach
WEAE – Pittsburgh
WDRD – Louisville
WDDY – Albany, NY
KPHN – Kansas City
WQUA – Mobile
WBML – Jacksonville
WFDF – Detroit
WFRO – Fremont, OH
WDMV – Damascus, MD
WHKT – Norfolk Radio Disney

A&E IndieFilms
Buena Vista
Hollywood Pictures
Miramax Films
Studio Ghibli (North American distributor)
Touchstone Pictures
Walt Disney Pictures

Disney Cruise Line
Disney Vacation Club
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort Paris
Hong Kong Disneyland
Tokyo Disney Resort
Walt Disney Imagineering
Walt Disney World Resort

AETN Consumer products
Baby Einstein Company
Club Penguin
Disney Apparel, Accessories and Footwear
Disney Consumer Economics
Disney Food, Health and Beauty
Disney Home Furnishings and Decor
Disney Interactive Studios
Disney Live Family Entertainment
Disney on Ice
Disney Stationery
Disney Theatrical Productions
Disney Toys
Muppets Holding Company
Tapulous (2010)
The Disney Store
Walt Disney Internet Group

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