Friday, October 22, 2010

Interior Details

Here at Sovibrant we like to see interior projects with some tricky detailing that create the wow factor.
This project in San Francisco, USA for Caesar Stone's Showroom has a dividing wall that does just that.

The feature wall delineates between the two major spaces of public showroom and private office.
It is a very strong aspect of the design; measuring roughly 120' long and 15' tall.

The concept evolved from the methods in which stone is cut at the quarry, recognizing the sharp serrated edges. 

These edges resemble a mountain range or vertical stone cliffs that reminds us where these beautiful stone tiles originated from.

The detail below illustrates the 37 custom-cut fins to replicate the peaks and serrated edges of the stone using a CNC router.
Simple materials with maximum impact.

Interior Design

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