Monday, August 11, 2008

A Mercedes Got Nailed by a Cellphone!

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 41. The weirdest and dumbest crash ever seen by me, and might be you too. Hopefully there will be nothing like this happen in Malaysia. If not, I'll laugh non stop during my crash investigation work. Uh, not good, supposed not to laugh at people's unlucky event. sorry, my bad my bad..

2. Anyway, yet it is still not as funny as Terengganu MB wants to change all Perdana to Mercedes. Be careful MB, even the cellphone will get angry!

3. Hmm now I'm thinking what happen to the occupant of the car. By the way, this crash happened in Russia and I'm not sure whether Russia is right hand drive or left. If right hand drive, ughhh I guess the driver was experiencing pretty severe injury over there. Trauma to head would bring GSC (level of consiousness) of less than 7.

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 14. "Dude..What will be the direction of force and CDC code of this kind of crash? looks like a collision from the top?" Hmm lemme see..the code shud be like 00TDAW3 which means collision from top with distributed of damage (more than 41cm), covered from bottom and top area on respective side, wide area covered and the depth of crash extent is at level 3. How's that? It just estimation though.

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 25. No wonder Putin doesn’t want anyone especially teenagers to use cell-phones in there cars. But who cares? He's busy attacking Georgia as I write this. Stupid Putin!

6. Back to the topic. Can you think of a better reason to ban those "devilish" machines in vehicles than this cell-phone related accident caused in Russia? Of course, Malaysia should learn from this event too. Too many stupid people used cellphone in the car while driving. Im stupid too sometimes! And I don't think you are not. Cheh its kinda irony eh.

Mercedezs and Cellphone Crash 37. Anyway, learning from the post, be careful when you are driving, look you side mirror, rear mirror, front and dont forget to keep an eye on your top too! And, dont use cellphone while driving ok. The huge cellphone will hit you from the top if you are not carefull enough. Chiow.

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