Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Honda City 2009 Car Spotted!

Honda City 2009 Rearview 11. This is just unofficial news but somebody has spotted the new design of Honda City 2009 car at Honda manufacturing around the world, respectively on China and India. So guys, if you want to buy the Honda City 2008 car that most people said like an "cloth iron" design, wait just a few month for the new georgeous design of Honda car. The car will be in the Malaysia showroom early next year.

2. The rear of the new Honda car design is so awesome and cool that I'm drooling and really want to have it. By once glance, I can say the rear light and design has some elegancy like new BMW or Mercedes model car. Oh by the way, about the price, rumors said the price wont exceed RM100k, so meaning it's affortable for most of young proffesional people.

Honda City 2009 Rearview 2

3. About the front design of new honda car, some people might said "Wow that is just beautiful" but I personally not like the front design, it looks bulky and untidy. If the front design of this new Honda like Type-R, it is just too great! I do not care though, because about the front, we can modify it, so no biggie.

Honda City 2009 Frontview 24. This is the review of cool new Honda City car that has been front page on Autocar India. In India, the release date will be in November 2008. As usual, for Malaysia market, will take some more month. The front look "garang" and fit well for the likes such as me :D

Honda City 2009 Wallpaper
Honda City 2009 Interior Design 1
Honda City 2009 Interior Design 25. As usual, the best interior design of the car for me is Honda. Compared to Toyota Vios, either new one or old one, the interior is still losing badly even with Honda City 2008. Why? I heard that Toyota underestimates Malaysian and value lowly of our ability to consider things. I'll talk later on which aspect of the facts. Anyway, I just want to share with you the dream car which is affortable by people like me. Honda is the best!

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