Sunday, December 27, 2009

Double Deck Bus Crash at Ipoh 10 Died - An Insight

1. Whatever I am doing, I do it for the nation; that is including for my dedicated Islam, for my beloved family, for my fellow friends, for my dearest people and for my lovely country. My deep condolences to the family of the deceased victims in the recent tragedy of double-deck bus crash accident at PLUS Ipoh. In my opinion, regardless of whatever efforts we put it, without support and commitment to change from other agencies, everything will go into the vain.

2. The case is a twin of the Rawang Case that happened on the last April this year, which took 6 lives. I can say they have about 70% of similarity in some sorts. Many people said the root of all accident causes is the human factor. Yes, it is true; in fact, its contribution to the accident cause is more than 90%. However, how many human in this world is perfect? Human do mistake, so do I, and so do you. Why human should be blamed twice? When the Rawang findings are being presented to the related agencies, can you guess what they say? “Why there is a white line on the road sides? They implies dangerous beyond the lines, we do not bear the responsibility for those who cross the lines”. Such a wisdom answer right?

3. Now another crash happened and we were being dispatched and come again to the scene. We will do the report, and present it at the related agency again as usual. And the same answer will be given. The last Rawang case took 6 lives, meanwhile the recent Ipoh case took 10 lives, maybe after a case that took 20 lives and maybe involve one of their family members, then they will act and do as we recommend in the report findings. Are they really wanted to wait until that extend? I almost pray for that to happen. Let them feel the sadness, let them feel their lost and let them know that MONEY CANNOT BUY THE LIFE OF THEIR LOVED ONES. Thus I encourage myself and those involved back to the basic of what we learn at the school which is, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

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