Friday, March 19, 2010

Visualisation of the week !

Hi everyone,

Below is the next image chosen to take the lime-light as our 'Visualisation of the week'.

This image is from one of the visualisation forums we frequent but was just a link off the forum so I do not know the artist. If anyone does, please speak up, all credit goes out to his/her skill in this images creation.

The image cought my eye with simplicity, as well as its level of realism and careful us of detail in the foreground and in contrast a lack of real detail in the background. This is all brought together with a perfect example of Depth-Of-Field ( aka DoF). DoF is a very widely used technique but is rarely used in such a nice way.

I especially love the detail in the modelling of the rolled up Cad plans, the fraying of the edges to simulate the crumpled paper is simply genius.

All comments are welcome as usual. Also lets discuss how we think this image was created and the major techniques used.

Until our next installment, enjoy !!

3D Visualisation

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