Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 renm BMW car E92

An agitator refers to an apparatus that stirs up or shakes, disturbing the present condition. The M3 Agitator, based on E92 BMW M3, is yet another innovation by RENM. However, the focus of this creation is to allocate a more linear and practical spread of power from the entire power band, specifically the lower to middle range, with the engine lacking response in standard form. Since power is not the major concern, it is raised to 450PS/331KW/440NM from 420PS/309KW/400NM. The M3 Agitator package allows an improved driving dynamic compared to E9 BMW M3 in which its OEM components restricts a high performance.
Features are added to the tuning program that include ECU re-calibration, carbon fiber air-intake, sports air filters, inconel high-performance exhaust, and adjustable ride height or dampening suspension. The agitator offers an extremely stable and better heat resistance due to its inconel Formula 1 exhaust technology. The rear silencer is also 40% lighter over the production unit, increasing then the performance of the car.


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