Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to Check Your Car Tyre Expiry?

Car Tire
1. Do you know that your tires has expiry date.....Good thing you know that, but in case you miss out some info, I'll help you. To start with, vehicle tires have a 4-year validity period from their Date of Manufacture (DOM). Thereafter, the tire expires and may burst whilst in use. See how severe this problem is if you don't notice it in advance.

2. How to find out whether your tire has expired? First, check for a stamp like this: (*4002*). There is an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of this serial number (Some tires don't have asterisk).

Car Tyre3. The first two numbers 4 0 will tell which week of the year has it been manufactured. Note: One year has 52 weeks. The last two numbers represent the year of make. Therefore, *4002* shows that the said tire is manufactured in the 40th week of the year 2002. *4099* this shows that the tire is made in the 40th week of 1999.

4. Check all your tires for safety purposes. Do not use expired tires. They are likely to burst (especially when running in hot weather) because the rubber component may have hardened and cracked.

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