Thursday, January 1, 2009

Disco Ball Helmet: The Safest Helmet on Earth. Heh.

Cool Helmet1. Malaysia will be soon banning the half-shell helmet and this decision alone has angered most of bikers and riders in Malaysia, at least to the teen and youth group. Well, they are actually love style in everything they do without thinking the consequence.

2. Today, accidentally while surfing the internet, I found this unique and good looking helmet. The designer of the helmet got the idea from a disco, somewhere in Paris. So, I found out this helmet is actually can be the alternative to those half-shell helmets among Malaysian bikers. Not only it is full-shell, the helmet also provided great reflective light and without doubt, will increase the visibility of the motorcylist at the night. It looks very stylo too.

3. The bad news is this only my recommendation. The helmet is still not yet in the market, or even in the hand of SIRIM. Lots of things need to be researched and analyzed before the government can approve this kind of helmet in the market. Till then, please don't use half-shell helmet okay? Thanks. :D

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