Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tragic Proton Wira Crash at PLUS Highway Tapah 3 Died

Proton Wira
1. Yesterday, I was attending a crash case involving Proton Wira and Scania trailer at PLUS Highway near Tapah, Perak. As the news said, 3 died and 1 severely injured in the crash at which happening during heavy downpour. Basically, the Proton Wira was heading northbound towards Ipoh when suddenly the car lost control and hit the median.

tapah sketch plan2. The impact was then made the car spun and instantaneously got rammed at the side by an oncoming trailer from behind. Besides involving issue of crash compatibility where the geometry height and mass ratio of particular vehicles were not match each other, the crash also possibly involved issue of speeding. However, this is just based on the witness statement.

3. The weather was bad (heavy downpour) and the driver of the Proton Wira car was probably speeding (according to the survivor, the driver drove at 140km/h). Aqua planning might be the issue but the crash occurred at the quite elevated ground. So it's not possible for hydroplane to occur on the spot.

4. The tragic event that really touched my heart came following this story. The police told me that the survivor of the crash (a woman's) husband was dead. He was not in the crashed car for your information. So what is the cause of his death? As told by the policemen, he was died due to suffering severe hyper stress.

proton wira crashed5. The unlucky guy didn't have enough money to support the medical treatment for his wife who suffered broken femur. The hospital needed him to pay rm3000 to implants "steel" for the crushed femur. At the same time, he just lost 3 family members from the accident. He was then falling sick and died. The villagers knew the story and collected the donation and be able to save the wife. But it's already late, the husband was already dead!

6. I wonder why general/government hospital's charging the patient? Am I too naive? As far as I knew, the government hospital is free of charge. Why charged people now?

7. Something that me and all of you to learn is that the road crash affected not only those who directly involved, but also those who have relationship with the victims. If we heard 4 casualties in the accident, actually it is not only 4, might be 6 or 10, or even 15 people affected. Let’s work harder to reduce the number of road accident victims. Also, PLEASE DONT DRIVE FAST (more than 100km/h) ON THE WET ROAD!!

scania lorry
proton wira crashed 1

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