Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trailer Driver Saved Using Safety Seatbelt

1. Can you imagine the incident like this? The driver saved due to he was using his seatbelt. Lucky huh? Here is the quote and details of the news:

A lucky truck driver had a miraculous escape when his lorry smashed through crash barriers and was left dangling 100ft over the ground. But Zhian Feng escaped with his life - because he was wearing his seat belt. Terrified Feng watched helplessly as his container plunged onto the street below in Chengdu, China, while his cab hung onto the barrier by just its front bumper.

Witness Lu Wi said: 'We heard an amazing bang and went out to see what was happening. 'We saw a lorry hanging over the bridge, and a man in his 40s struggling to climb out. When he got out the driver said he was lucky he had his seat belt on or he'd have fallen straight out of his open window.'

Local residents reportedly said the accident happened on a narrow stretch of road with a sharp turn which was only suitable for smaller vehicles. They said it was not
the first time lorries had had accidents there - but local road management officials insisted they were not to blame.

2. So what are you waiting for? I think this is the good example to encourage you to wear the safety seatbelt. :)


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