Monday, April 27, 2009

India Road Traffic Signs Jokes

1. Somebody emailed me these road signs pictures that can be found in India. They are funny but the words are true. Please take lessons from these signages. "Don't dream, otherwise you will scream". Meaning don't sleep while driving!

2. Be Gentle on my Curves. Well, no comment hehe.

3. Drive like Hell and you'll be there. Indeed, don't be the cause of other's people misery.

4. This is highway, not a runway. Exactly.

5. Accident begins where alertness ends. Very true.

6. Hospital ceiling are boring to look at avoid accident. Weird sentence but I know you guys got what it means right?

7. Be slower on the earth than quicker to eternity. Haha.

8. Mind your brakes or break your mind. Please check your car regularly.

9. Live for your today, drive for your tomorrow. Just be careful.

10. Make love not war but nothing while driving. Don't make love when driving!

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