Friday, April 24, 2009

The World's First Electric Cars Invented in 1884??!

1. Have you ever thought that actually the first electric car was made in 1884? Yes, you better trust me. The world's first electric car has been built by British inventor named Thomas Parker. But for some reason, the electric cars during those times don't work out so well. Or maybe due to political reason, the mass production of electric cars was not possible.

2. Now the work has been done and continued by his ancestors. Even not as great as any other great car company like Mitsubishi and Honda, they are winning on the efforts. As quote from the Dailymail:

Thomas Parker's son, Thomas Hugh Parker shared his father's flair for design and innovation, even building a steam powered car in 1901 before later working on modern car features such as hydraulic brakes and four wheel steering. He also claimed to have invented the spark plug, monoblock engine and the carburettor. And these days the tradition lives on through Graham Parker's oldest son, Alun, who is also an engineer who has worked on projects ranging from the West Coast mainline to the Panama Canal, and Crossrail.

3. Electric cars are not only clean but also cheap. The instability oil and gas price in the world market now should be the one which will trigger the research and make the electric cars produced in mass production so that we will not dependent anymore on irreplaceable energy anymore such as coal and petroleum. However in term of safety, of course, more research need to be done as currently as far as I know the electric cars are usually smaller in size and that alone will invite some problems during any road crash.

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