Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Design Classic No. 38: The AEC Routemaster

Introduced by London Transport in 1956, the AEC Routemaster double decker bus remained in service until 2005. The front-engined, rear open platform buses could seat 64 plus several downstairs standing positions.

Although the rear platform was open to the elements, this feature combined with the presence of a conductor enabled speedy passenger turn-around at bus stops. It also allowed the very late (and very brave) to chase the Routemaster through busy London junctions, timing one's run with perfection to make a desperate lunge and grab the vertical handrail, hanging on for dear life whilst the stoney-faced seated passengers do their best to ignore your peril and your brand new brogues are shredded as you round Hyde Park Corner at 30mph…..
Along with Beefeaters, phone boxes and crap steakhouses, the Routemaster is a must for all tourists visiting London (in Englandshire).

SoVibrant design

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