Friday, September 19, 2008

Airbag is Useless without Seatbelt

Children Seatbelt
1. I just realize that there is some “weird” culture among Malaysian which is lazy to wear seatbelt while driving. They are proud that they drive on high class safety vehicle. “Why should I wear seatbelt, my car got dual airbag system, also seat and side airbag too, those enough to protect me on any unexpected event, so no need for me to wear seatbelt”.

Proton SRS Airbag2. Let me to tell you this, some of you might aware of the label on the airbag pad. Majority of cars nowadays has SRS airbag system. What is SRS? Well, that is stands for Supplemental Restraint Systems. “So what dude? This doesn’t help to make me wear seatbelt?”.

3. The answer is on the S, not superman but “supplemental” word. What does it mean? It means supplemental which in other word means secondary or an addition. “Huh bro, even my baby knows that”. Yeah the different is your baby does not know what the primary or first safety device is. Let me tell you, it is seatbelt and airbag is just a secondary.

4. When designers design an airbag, they have an assumption that the driver or occupants of the vehicle wear the seatbelt. So, even if you car is the safest vehicle on earth, without wearing seatbelt, your life is not guaranteed to be spared. So please wear seatbelt even your car doesn’t have an airbag. In other words, airbag is useless without wearing seatbelt.

5. I always wonder, is it hard to wear the seatbelt? Majority of you will say it is easy, and piece of cake but at the same time only a portion of you wear the seatbelt in the moving vehicle. Maybe you guys just don’t deepen the reason of to wear the seatbelt. So, by giving this small piece of info on why you have to wear a seatbelt, hopefully your consciousness on road safety will at least arise a little bit. Slowly but surely, let’s make our next generation benefits from the safe culture we practice today.

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