Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Audi A8 2008 or 2009 Car Review?

Audi A8 2008 Wallpaper 1
1. Guess what, I got this email about the prosperity life of people in Arabs. Well that doesn’t concern me a bit, because ya’know even you had a mountain of gold, your heart will never satisfy and would ask for another gold mountain and so on, plus your life would be misery as you want to protect the gold, not those gold protecting you. However, what I really interested on the email is on the car itself. What the heck of the car is that? It looks very awesome and sturdy. Should I car reviews it?

Audi A8 2008 Wallpaper 22. The sole hint that I got is the emblem of Audi. So after studying a minute (well took me some time though), I got it! It is new Audi A8 2008 or maybe 2009, well it doesn’t matter. Thing that matters now is the exterior design alone already could catch any eyes on the road. Lets have some kind of 2008 audi a8 reviews on this case.

3. The external of Audi A8 is already gorgeous but how about the interior looks of this Audi A8? What I know so far Honda is very remarkable on its interior design. Thus, could Audi A8 compete with Honda? Let’s have a glance on the interior. Check this out!

4. Don't ask me about the price or whatever spec related as you know, all items acquired by rich people from Arabs are not on the market. They love customized their toys. But if you asked me, the regular Audi A8 sedan on market, the price is in the range of USD66k to USD71k and its already quite expensive at is default feature and now you can guess how much the price of the car in the pictures.

Audi A8 2008 Wallpaper

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