Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Glance on New Proton MPV 2009

Proton MPV Wallpaper 11. After many postmortems, try-and-error putting parts in an out on couple of innocent Toyota Wish MPVs, now Proton can come out with its own version of MPV, with good safety consideration. Quite an achievement eh. The release date will be around early next year (2009) but will be on road for testing on September this year but now is almost coming to the end of September. So have you spot one of this mysterious MPV? Me not yet. Maybe they will test it on full scale after raya, lets hope for that, since no point Proton test the MPV while all the staffs busy with Raya preparation.

Proton MPV Wallpaper 2
Proton MPV Wallpaper 32. Anyway, do you like the Proton MPV design? For me, it is just great for the first version. Wait up, I always refer to Proton MPV MPV MPV repeatitively, does it come with a name yet? Well, just wait for it as Proton officials said they will anounce the name somewhere on October 2008, so have you send out your suggestion name entry yet? Yes or no, I dont care because I will never win this kind of contest, I have this bad luck, so I dont want to know.

Proton MPV Wallpaper 4
Proton MPV Wallpaper 5
Proton MPV Wallpaper 63. "Hey hey you missed out something that so important" What's that? "It's the price, come tell us". Uh well, uhh you know, this is MPV. I can say it will be less than RM100k. No point Proton make this superb MPV but at the same time majority of Malaysia population do not afford to pay the price. Heard it will be RM70k but dont give hope on that. Good news is there will be competitor from Perodua automaker on MPV release, so price will be affortable right? Ok got to go now. I'll update when I have more crucial information.

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