Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crash of Unlucky Perodua Viva

Perodua Viva
1. About 3 weeks ago, few days after arriving Malaysia, and on my first day in office after 2 long months outstationed, I had to attend a crash investigation on case of head on collision between Perodua Viva and express bus at Rompin, Pahang. The accident caused 3 fatalities on Perodua Viva occupants, and none casualties on bus occupants.

Perodua Viva 22. At first I was kind of shock on seeing the anomaly end result of Perodua Viva, due to all parts were broken are spreading into pieces, unattached engine and sheared roof. No way a head-on collision could cause damage like that even I have prepared my mind for the worst. But still, the severity is beyond my imagination.

Express Bus3. As I went along with the investigation, interviewing the police officer; actually after the head on collision, the Perodua Viva had been dragged for almost 70 meters and went together with the bus into a ravine at the side road. Now that is making sense to me. Even the safest car in the world can't withstand such impact and terminologies of crash.

4. 5 star cars without 5 star drivers and not on the 5 star roads will be useless. You got what I mean?

5. At the police station, I saw a gloomy little face of sad woman, and without even talking to her, I could sense that she was the spouse of the deceased. I had a little chit chat with the brother of the deceased, who accompanied the poor woman to make a police report. I know the feeling very well but for some reason, I just couldn’t react. I just do the regular job I did and for me, I’m the worst man in the world because not comforting her, or at least talking to her. Well, I am this kind of person, so shy talking to strangers :p.

6. That night, on the muhasabah moment (personal reflection of things we do during the day) before sleeping, I’m thinking that she just lost a husband and 2 children, and together with her at that time, her two other children. Lesson of the day, for me to be better person, I know talk will do nothing to her, plus I'm not that kind of cordial person and it might be will make her tears drop again and to be truth, I can’t stand any tears (which means my tears will drop too huhu), especially on this kind of event. But i think, a small contribution of donation will make her happier or at least her children.

Rompin7. I wonder how they will go on with life, with the main income getter for the family was gone, but I know Allah will help. Things happen with a reason. I will pray for the victims will be strong and can go on with the life.

8. This is the main reason I and you guys have to tackle the road safety issues with the hope nobody will be sad and things like this would be never happen in the future. You should play the role too, be careful on the road and please help in any way to improve the road safety so that later our next generation will be benefits from our work today. But to my dismay, the other hand happens to our office....

9. "You making me work on weekend, sacrificing my happy moment bla bla bla". This is a saying from somebody (Mr X) to one of my colleague here. And what my colleague did actually? He just asked him a help during the weekend and of course my colleague is working too at that time, sacrificing his weekend but the difference is he do not mind with the extra work. Be grateful that you are not in our CRU team, who work even in our precious Raya celebration holidays and we never lamenting about it. Working on weekend is just a normal for us. So please, cut the crap and do the work. How we can improve our road safety if you can't even sacrifice this small thing??

Editted: I dunno who is this Mr X coz my colleague didnt tell me. And I dont want to know.
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