Friday, September 26, 2008

Malaysia Job Vacancy: MIROS Recruiting

MIROS job vacancy
1. As you know, MIROS is just a new road safety research in Malaysia, only aged 1 year and half. But now MIROS is expanding and looking for more members to work hard to tackle road safety issue, especially in Malaysia where every year about 6000 deaths are recorded died on road.

2. If you have good experience and already been in research area for at least 2 years, please apply. MIROS is currently looking for permanent senior research officer and also contract research officer (higher chance for permanent post if you were performed). Salary? Dont worry, the pay is decent. Hurry up! Anytime the spots will be close. For detail, visit HERE.

3. Another opening MIROS spots are for supporting staff. If up there, we looking for research officer and profesional people, now we are looking for commited and dedicated supporting staff who can follow the fast pace of profesional at MIROS. For detail, visit HERE. The dateline is already closed but from time to time, the post will be opening. So stay tuned and keep checking!

4. I'll post here if I found any good job opportunities I got. Till then, bye. :D

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