Saturday, September 27, 2008

Honda Civic and Proton Wira Crash Highlight

Crash Scene1. I got these pictures, thanks to Sirloinskipper. Let me give some brief review on what actually happens. A BMW (running away after the crash) was racing together with the unlucky Honda Civic VTEC DOHC. They raced even not knowing each other, and not giving a damn that the road stretch is actually a village area that usually normal and sane people will be slowing down. Well this happens all the time here in Malaysia, best educated brain but small minded. Who are the victims of this stupidity behavior?

Crash Scene Real2. It was a Proton Wira car! which fully loaded with a family of 5 that coming from the opposite direction (Sob sob sob thats why I'm telling you, even if you are the safest driver on the earth but if others not, your possibilities of getting onto accident is just high as others). The consequence worsened when all the rear occupants of the Proton Wira were not wearing rear seatbelts.

3. During the stupid battle between BMW and Honda Civic, the Honda Civic lost control and spun towards opposite direction lane and hit directly with innocent Proton Wira. Then, the Proton Wira rolled 90 degrees towards the left guardrails. Result? 5 deaths, 3 from the Proton Wira and 2 from the Honda Civic.

Proton Wira Crash
Honda Civic Crash4. If we watched carefully, both occupants of Honda Civic's front passenger wore the seatbelt. But why the heck the front passenger was dead, but the driver was not? It is due to the rear passenger who located perfectly behind the front passenger didnt wear the seatbelt and resulting loading the back of the front seat passenger. Both died. For details how the mechanicm of loading, check it HERE.

5. Our prophet is always praying that his ummah will not die suddenly. Why? Because when you die suddenly, you can't even have an ample time to make a taubah. And dying on road is indeed what our prophet afraid of happening to his ummah. This is fardhu kifayah, one of us has to fix or at least make it better, or everybody will be punished.

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