Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Small Kid Ride A Motorcycle?

1. The world is indeed of in the edge of turmoil, where a new type of slavery is just appearing the gate. I'm shocked while receiving these pictures of a kid gave a ride to an adult on motorcycle! Where is our human right? where is the safety precaution? where is the children supporter groups? Why this kind of hazard could be allowed on road? But the funny thing is even a kid know how to wear a helmet, how about you? Do you wear a helmet while riding the motorcycle?

2. Last time, there is a funny guy who ride a motorcycle using his feet while his hand playing a cellphone. Don't trust me? Look it HERE. Now we have a kid ride a Honda GL motorcycle and both story is sharing a common background. I just realize that people who involve in the stories are from Indonesia. Kewhh at least not Malaysia eh or even your country.

3. Back to the story, instead of the kid's riding the bike slowly, he ride fast and dangerously. Guess what? you might be wondering how a small kid can ride the motorcycle while his feet cant touch the ground. Look carefully at the pictures. The adult's feet from his back (probably his father) is controlling the brake and motor gear. So meaning the kid was just controlling the throttle. I asked you, is it safe or not? Anything could be happening. Prevention is better than cure. Don't you agree?

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