Sunday, November 2, 2008

Accident Crash Involving DUI Case

DUI Crash1. This is not my story. This crash story is taken from another country's crash that don't involve fatalities but have a good issue relating to Driving Under Influence (DUI). Please take a lesson from the story.

2. On Saturday the 14 July, 2007 we Potchefstroom Fire and Rescue received a call for a MVA with a patient trapped at about 11:30pm. On arrival I found two of my friends to be involved in the head on collision with another car the person in the other car was trapped from the knees down by the dashboard. I don’t know the speeds involved but I do know that my friend was driving in the wrong lane at the time of the accident.

3. Needles to say the speeds was above legal limit as well as the alcohol volume of my friend. Needles to say he was locked up for DUI and he got absolutely zero sympathy from me.

4. The other patient that was trapped was a old man that suffered 4 fractures to the left leg and some chest injuries luckily he will survive but it will be a long road to recovery for him. My friends court case is still pending.

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