Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 5 Expensive Car Crashes Ever

1. Whenever someone wrecks a car, it's always a sad situation. They have to deal with insurance and repairs which usually cost up to a few thousand dollars. What's even sadder is when someone wrecks an exotic car. That's when the repair costs start to make you weep. These wrecks are in a league of their own. They involve cars that are so unique and rare, only billionaires can easily afford them. Presenting you top 5 expensive car crashes ever.

Crash No. 5. Ferrari Enzo - $1.3 Million

The Ferrari Enzo sure seems to attract a lot of crashes. This is surprising considering the price tag. You would think the owners would be more careful, but we've documented at least 14 crashes involving the Enzo. That's nearly $20 million worth of crashes! The most famous was the Malibu crash of 2005, when the driver, "Fat Steven" Eriksson crashed the car at 196 mph.

Crash No. 4. Bugatti Veyron - $1.6 Million

The Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive production car in history. And unbelievably, it didn't even make the top three on this list. Only 300 are expected to be produced and already two have crashed. Below is the first one. The driver thought it was okay to speed at 100 mph in the rain. He only had the car for one week.

Crash No. 3. 1959 Ferrari 250 GT TDF - $1.65 Million

Now we start getting into the extremely rare classic cars. The owners who are willing to take these machines on the road are just plain crazy. The ones that take them on the track are even crazier. This 1959 Ferrari 250 GT "Tour de France" crashed into a wall at the Shell Ferrari-Maserati Historic Challenge back in 2003.

Crash No. 2. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder - $10 Million

Just when you thought it couldn't get much more expensive, the damage has been multiplied. The record price for a 1961 250 GT California Spyder at auction was set on May 18, 2008 when a black one was sold for $10,894,900. So what is one doing buried in the sand? The unlucky owner had it stored near the beach when a Hurricane hit.

Crash No. 1. Ferrari 250 GTO - $28.5 Million

We now present you with the most expensive car crash ever. Touted as the Ferrari that most successfully embodies the traits of the marque, the 1962-64 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most valuable car in the world. In 2008 an anonymous English buyer bought a 250 GTO at auction for a record $28,500,000. The crash below represents a car worth more than the combined value of all 14 Enzos involved in accidents. It is simply unbelievable that an owner would even dare take this car on the road. After a track event involving historic cars, the owner of this rare beast rammed into the back of another car after traffic slowed down.

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