Thursday, November 13, 2008

MIROS Library Overview

MIROS Library
1. Behind all organization, lies humbly a library that supports all the findings and assisting on all the discoveries. The MIROS library established the same month as MIROS temporarily headquarters at Kajang which is about 11 months back. From stacking older books borrowed from University Putra Malaysia (UPM), now the library has like 2000+ new books and journals, relating to the road safety.

2. But world has moving fast to the next stage where everything has been digitalized. MIROS will look outdated if the library didn’t follow the technology trend. But technology is useless without proper maintenance of the system. This is where a system called 8xu file extension, new data format for digital files. Sorting thousand and millions of data files are really painstaking job without help from any software.

MIROS Library 23. But for me, it is really helpful in the future that the journals and stuffs in the library can be accessed online from the workstation. Huh, what the heck am I rambling about? My head at the moment is pounding hard. So many things to do, yet very short time left. So I wrote carelessly about things in random. The year is almost coming to the end which implicitly means lots of projects need outputs and results. Day off is not an option.

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