Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Tree Crashed 2000 Buick at Pennsylvania USA

Car Crash Tree1. Got this story from the internet. Something that almost resembles case of Toyota Vios hit a Palma tree where the Vios was bananized by the tree. This accident killed one, well only one in the car anyway. Lets hear the story and take the lesson from it.

2. It was 4am on Friday October 19, 2008 when we (rescue people) got a call for this accident off north Fifth Street in Pennsylvania USA. The driver was driving at a high rate of speed (how did the story teller know eh) when she went off the road, tried to correct herself and turn the wheel but did not and ended up sideways in the trees.

3. She was dead upon arrival. She was driving a 2000 Buick. No one had found her until 10 minutes after the accident had happen and there was nothing anyone could have done. The accident reconstruction team had never release what the cause was but myself and other fire fighters at the scene smelt alcohol there.

4. The cause of the impact sent the baby toys she had in the back seat from her granddaughter to fly about 100 ft from the car. Luckily it was not her granddaughter who the one fly out from the car.

5. Please don’t drink and drive because you leave many loved ones behind. And also please think safety, and make safety thought as one of our culture.

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