Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Horror Manufacturing Machine Accident Pictures

1. Somebody has sent me these pictures to my email. There are a lot more horror pictures of this case in my email inbox. But I just afford to post some because even me has some kind of goosebump watching these kind of horror accident pictures. If you are kind of brave person, you might be interested on this horror crash accident pictures too.

2. The title of the email is sleeping while working. I'm actually don't quite understand whether it is a joke or what. The victim was slept before the accident or the victim looks like sleeping after the accident. Whatever it is, I think the lesson that you can take is don't do your job if you were not fit enough. Asleep while handling heavy machine will indeed penalize your body and even your life. So be careful. One more thing, safety, health and environment (SHE) practise should not be negelected by any company.

3. If you want more picture of these, just toss me at message box below. Please be careful on your daily job because accident would occur without any warning. Prevention is better than cure.

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  1. I want to thanks him who take this photograph. I like this photograph