Monday, November 3, 2008

Proton Satria NEO CPS 2009 Road Tested!

Satria Neo CPS 11. The best Proton model in the world has been spotted spotted on the highway by Paul Tan reader the_king near the Prai Industrial Estate area. I say it the best because this is the only Proton model that has been recognized as NCAP 4 stars internationally. But dont be too proud yet coz thats only for overseas releases, not local. So dont dream okay hehe.

2. If we look at this lightly covered up test car, we can immediately notice a large spoiler at the top of the hatch, something missing on the standard Satria Neo. Is it pretty? Looks messy to me.

3. You can also see that the rear bumper is new. Those little side strips on the side of the car have always been on the Neo but on this car they continue after the rear wheel arches onto the bumper. The area at the bottom of the bumper near the exhaust pipe also seems to be taped up, indicating it could be hiding a diffuser-like design of some kind. Well, that's good enough since this is just a tested prototype, no need to go extravaganza.

Satria Neo CPS 2
Satria Neo CPS 34. The photographer did not manage to snap a front shot of the vehicle, just these rear and rear three quarter views as he was driving alone and turning back to snap a photo is just not possible, or too dangerous. But this is definitely enough as we now get to discuss a future Proton product.

5. The Satria Neo was launched in mid-2006 and facelifts commonly come every 2.5 to 3 years. This could be a facelift for the Proton Satria Neo that could make a debut sometime next year. Now the question is what’s under the hood. Will the Proton Satria Neo finally come with 125 hp Campro CPS power? Sounds relevant to me. Lets go all out CPS power!

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