Friday, October 10, 2008

Dream versus Reality? Which One you Prefer?

Honda Type R
1. "At last! I got my dream car! Honda Civic Type R, superb!" The car is indeed undoubtedly so beautiful and very powerful machine, which will make everyone's eyes unbearably watching you on the roads. You will feel proud and feel you are the best man in the world. Everybody just respected you. "Hey man, you are the luckiest man in the world, you car looks awesome!" Is that what you want?

2. At the same time, among those mesmerized jealousy eyes, there are also couple of bad eyes watching, planning to steal or maybe spoil the car. You locked the engine, you locked the gear, you steel locked the steering and lock everything that can be locked everytime you leave the car. It's such tedious work but who cares, you love the car!

3. During nights, you can't sleep soundly as your mind keep thinking on the safety of your car outside. You keep looking the windows and without you know it, it's already morning and you barely have a good sleep. As a result, your boss is scolding you at work. Your work performance went down.

4. Moreover, the higher price you pay, the higher cost for you to maintain the car. The maintenance cost is indeed expensive. Your cloths are 1 year old and you never have a chance to get the new one. All your salary has been eaten by your lovely car's expense. What can you do? For your lovely car, anything and everything...

Honda Civic Ferio5. You suddenly look at your cubical neighbor at work. He loves Honda too. But he merely has Honda Civic without Type R label and it's not even the newest one. But he looks so content and happy with his life. One day he said to you, "The best won't bring you happiness, but it is the one that make your eyes happy". Huhu I can't translate this, oh my god, what I want try to say is, carilah kereta yang asalkan biar sejuk mata memandang cukuplah, namun hati bahagia, selamat sampai ke destinasi sudah lah..

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