Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Janitor on the Road is Indeed a Hazard

Janitor on Road1. Today I have a day off since for the past 16 days I was working straight on without any holidays even on weekend. If I were still in US, my employer already being sued because of that but here it is normal but who am I to sue goverment eh? Haha. Anyway, I used this rarely precious time to go shopping (alone is the best).

2. While driving on MRR2 towards Kepong, suddenly I saw a janitor with green vest was sweeping the side of the road. Inside me, I really thought that guy really don't value his life. No cone, no sign of work, but only safety vase. Is it enough? I saw that scene on the opposite lane though.

3. But on my way back to home, like an hour later, I was driving quite fast (about 100km/h, shuhh please not tell anybody) on the very right lane. On the middle lane, there was a huge lorry, and in front of me was another fast car, a grey Proton Gen 2.
4. While passing the lorry, suddenly the Proton Gen 2 in front of me swerf to the left and I'm the one who right behind him had really short time to evade whatever thing he was trying to avoid, plus there was a lorry on my left. But luckily I succeed to shun it. It was the previous janitor!
5. When I avoided him, I was like 1 cm distance from him. Huhhh so close. It was Bangladesh man I think. Why the employer didnt value his employee's life properly? Is he that cheap? And what will happen to me if I hit him? I will be traumarized for a long time I guess that I cant drive my car again. Both will have the consequences.
6. Lesson of the day, be careful with these kind of people (janitors on roads), this is not the first time I saw them on road without proper safety equipment. But only this time, it almost got me into trouble. So open your eyes, look around for these possible hazards!

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