Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is Drag Racing Race Safer?

Drag Racing Wallpaper
1. While almost everybody is so noisy with the severe road safety problems in Malaysia, there is a sport, and well I can say it is one of sport that didn’t give a damn about what’s happening. The sport looks the most dangerous thing on earth but without you realize it, it is among the safest sport on earth. The sport that I’m referring to is drag racing. Does the sport ring some bell on your head?

2. I got the feeling you are kinda lost when I talk about this kind of sport. How about if I tell you about muscle cars? The one that usually being modified until it looks fierce and sturdy. Still not eh, hmm you leave me no choice, I think a picture tells thousand words and I agree with the saying.

Muscle Cars Wallpaper3. So if you interested, what you are waiting for. Guess what, even it is an old model, you could buy it. Hell yeah, the one that I’m talking about is on the sale ranging from Toyota, Mazda to Pontiac, Chevrolet and Ford. There are couples of places where you can find these muscle cars on sale. The only problem is that the sport is not well popular and accepted in Asia. The Asians are more interested on getting killed on the road by racing on the street, not only will kill themselves, also someone who innocent. Grow up pals!

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