Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Glance on OPS Bersepadu 17

Crashed Motorcycle
1. During OPS BERSEPADU 17 in Malaysia, we can see majority of deaths (193) are contributed by motorcyclists. Yeah it is indeed a true fact; the figure is more than fatalities caused by cars or other vehicles. Why? Motorcycle is the most utilized and most affordable vehicle in the country, everybody could buy it, don’t matters whether you are old or young, rich or poor, you could still buy motorycle.

2. Hmm some of you might wonder what the heck OPS BERSEPADU is. OPS BERSEPADU is basically an operation of 15 days or can be called as project that conduct by variety of national authorities and institution such as police (PDRM), road traffic department (RTD), road safety department (RSD), MIROS and also some other departments during nation festivals. The objective is basically to reduce the fatalities comparing with previous conducted OPS.

Crashed Bus3. Among many causes of accidents spotted during the OPS, using crappy or expired tires is one of the issues. Many transport company didn’t emphasize on the safety of this area, they took it so easy by using crappy tire or in Malay word called tayar celup. “We used it to cut the cost bro, you know we want to profit too”.

4. That’s right. What the use of company if it didn’t profit. You can profit but please bear in mind that if you do bus business, remembers that you bring lots of lives and if you do goods transportation, remember that there are lots of people using roads for their business. So please consider them too.

5. “What is this related, I don’t understand?” Ok, if you wore crappy tires, and it blow out during the journey, what you think will happen? Think about it.

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