Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Malaysia Job Vacancy: DXN Industries Recruiting

DXN Job Opening1. As promised earlier, whenever I saw some opening offer that has be sent to my mailbox, I'll post it here. So to make it short, DXN Industry is currently looking for Assistant Safety Officer. Not sure how many opening posts the company is trying to fill in but you can give it a try.

2. The DXN industry is currently has a home base at Alor Setar, Kedah. The position that currently opened is not required any experience in work but need just positive attitute towards work. The training will be given once you got the job. The only thing that you have to master is ability to speak and write English.

3. If you think you already fullfill all the requirement, please give it a try. Kindly give your resume and contact number to this email: jeffry_wahab (at) dxn2u (dot) com.

4. Oh by the way, the starting salary is RM1200/month. Maybe after some allowance, you will get more. Well, basically the DXN companies output is food manufactured products like Lingzhi Coffee, Premix Coffee with Cocoa and Ganoderma Extract, Roasted Coffee, Cocoa Flavoured Beverange with Ganoderma Extract, Spirulina Cereal, Roselle Juice, Botanical Beverage Mix - Noni and Roselle Juice and Fermented Noni Conce. For more, please visit HERE.

5. "What? Only at Malaysia? I need job too". As far as I understand, DXN is not only at Malaysia, but only at other countries like India, Sudan and South Africa. Check the link above to learn more. Thats all for now, will update more job vacancy if I found more.

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