Thursday, October 30, 2008

Palma Tree Crashed Toyota Vios at Putrajaya

Car Tree Crash1. This is the scene picture of Toyota Vios hit onto a palma tree by local newspaper at Putrajaya about a week ago. The mighty Toyota Vios was being "bananized" (from word banana huhu) by a mere tree. Please don't underestimate what a tree could do to you okay.

2. A lot of people when seeing this kind of picture must say, "this car was speeding, at least 130km/h". What the heck. But from CCTV that I watched, it is not! But I can say it is about 90-110 km/h. Bear in mind that the accident happened at uphill route with a little curve.

Palma Tree Killed Vios3. Since lots of people used Toyota Vios in Malaysia, there is something you need to know about your car. The crash was happening when the Vios was suddenly hit the brake, lost control, hit the road shoulder and pivoting the car towards a Palma tree. The keyword here is hitting a sudden brake. "Dude, how do you know the Vios hit the brake before lost control". Aiyaaa, did I tell you earlier, I watched the CCTV already!

4. My colleague told me that he saw couple of accidents in front of him involving Vios and all might be due to the brake. Why? Because before the car lost control, he saw the braking light and the car just boom. Luckily on his experiences, no fatalities involved.

5. So I digged more on the brake perfomance of the car. Another colleague said, "Aku suka Vios sebab brek dia cengkam gile, tekan sket je dh tangkap". So what this supposed to mean? What will happen during emergency situation? You know, very sensitive brake system is not good, especially if you drive on the high speed and on the wet road.

Crashed Toyota Vios6. Putrajaya has indeed a beautiful landscape and I can say it is among the most beautiful place in the world. Recently the authorities launched zero fatalities at Putrajaya but up to today, 9 deaths have been reported on the road. All crashes are almost relating due to the landscape problems. I drove at Putrajaya road yesterday, and I saw trees in front of the guardrail. Why?? Does the guardrail should be used to guard the trees, why the opposite thing happening? This is not just right, something needed to be done to ensure zero fatalities vision at Putrajaya.

Crashed Toyota Vios 2
Crashed Toyota Vios 37. So lesson of the day, if you got Toyota Vios, be careful with your brake system, don't do anything stupid like driving fast during raining day, if possible, make it less "sensitive". One more thing, if you drove epecially at Putrajaya road on any vehicle, please slow down your car during raining day or wet road. The road looks extremely fine but will turn bad and hazardous during raining and wet time.

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