Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Proton MPV 2009 Spotted. Again??!!

Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 11. Proton has launched the prototype of its MPV for testing since last September. But only around this moment, so many Proton MPV has been spotted on roads and got snapped by people. A picture above was taken at MRR2 near Batu Caves en route to Kepong area. You might be wondering how much the Proton MPV price when it is launched next year. Me too actually, cant help it. Time for me to think about auto loans and stuff so that my spent will be still on budget.

Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 22. Meanwhile these 3 next pictures are taken at Seberang Prai if I were not mistaken. You might said that these pictures are fake and the pictures actually some other MPV brand. Dude, go see the plate number, dont you think it is weird? Let me tell you, it is actually a plate number specially designed for car testing use. Wake up! You like it or not, these are the new Proton MPV! Even if you liked it, if you got bad credit auto loans, say goodbye to this new Proton MPV hehe.

Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 3
Proton MPV 2009 Spyshots 43. I'll post more if I got new pictures of new Proton MPV on the road and will share to you guys. So stay tuned :)

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