Saturday, October 18, 2008

How Car Suspension Works?

Car Suspension
1. Yesterday a good friend of mine asked me on what’s actually car suspension doing? The reason of the question is because her car didn’t pass the annual inspection due to problem on the car suspension. Pity her. Well, as far as I know the system will absorb the force from rough road for the occupants to have comfortable journey.

2. Also it will make the car safer as the suspension will help during braking and maneuvering. But one thing for sure, if you changed your default suspension by custom suspension accessories, more severe condition will be result in if crash happened.

3. Even though I’m quite happy with the answer I gave to her but really I want to explore more and justify my own answers. So I checked auto accessories online on the term “how suspension works” and found quite useful info about car suspension.

4. The answer I got from internet is actually about what I understand before, not swaying so much, so I feel relieve. “You said we will get more severe condition if changed default suspension but how about if we change our billet to make them look nice?” Cmon bro, the custom billet accessories are not in the car system, they are there just for showing and make the car looks nice. So NO, they wont make the crash more severe.

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