Monday, January 25, 2010

German Automaker Porsche Presents Latest Boxster Car

kk German Automaker Porsche Presents Latest Boxster Car

Presenting the latest Boxster spyder 468×312 latest car it is designed by German automaker Porsche this car is redesigned with additional power and is set to be unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, aperture Dec 2.

This car will be sales universal begin February 2010 with a pedestal cost of approximately €50,000 for the latest version of the Boxster line. The Panamera line, consisting of Porsche’s first sports car, was unveiled in Shanghai previous April with a pedestal cost of almost €80,000.

But a Panamera for fewer well-heeled Porsche aficionados, thanks to a less-powerful V6 engine, is predictable to be the first innovative influx, with petrol and diesel models going on sale in delayed 2010.

p German Automaker Porsche Presents Latest Boxster Car

This is the fastest running model it has great internal and excellent features also its wheel is better then other model the design of this car is pretty good and so attractive also its has great capacity of engine power.

The new Boxster is the luxury car of Porsche which features is excellent its seat is smooth you feel comfort also this car suits to your lifestyle and better for taking rest. The car maker

Porsche’s is redesigned flagship model, the 911, is owed to turn up in 2012 with all the acclaim due one of the world’s immense sports car lines!

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