Monday, January 25, 2010

Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 Car Concept Design

Clipboard01 Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 Car Concept Design

It’s tough to spend a day of the week with no reading or writing something regarding a new car. Whether it is genuine like Nissan or a gossip like BMW’s auto single article is sure: there’s an increasing tablet passion between manufacturers. Several companies are still trying to manufacture the most stylish and elite cars.

amadou-ndiaye-s-lamb-5_460x0w Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 Car Concept Design

Lamborghini comes up with great concept has of the woodworks, and the study was completed by independent designer Amadou Ndiaye. Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 – auto is a recent version of the Lamborghini Espada of the 60’s – Ndiaye named it LA690-4 that based on “Longitudinale anteriore” though the number‘690 ’ based for the auto’s made-up horsepower and‘4’ intended for its all-wheel drive structure. This latest elegant car will give you the best performance, it has great speed.

Ndiaye also equipped the Toro LA690-4 with a front-mid accumulated V12 engine and a 7-speed dual clutch program. Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 car’s exterior is anxious, the designer selected to exploit both magnesium and carbon fiber to uphold the car’s weight. It comes in white color with classy design I am sure you will get attract just in one glance. There is n price details are available just check out its latest images above.

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