Monday, January 25, 2010

Latest Subaru Legacy Station Wagon Car entry Level New Version

Subaru-Legacy-station-wagon-car Latest Subaru Legacy Station Wagon Car entry Level New Version

The Subaru Legacy station wagon is a slippage of the list with a new, exciting entry-level, introduced in our national market with two other proposals that go out to reorganize the basis of cost. New auto car is the best Subaru Legacy Station Wagon quality and latest automotive new entry-level.

The new version has an entry cost lower than $ 4,000 compared to the prior, from 31,980 euros.

Now the strike cost is merely 27,900 euros (for the 2.0 liter petrol engine with manual six-speed) through streamlining provide technology. The new entry level are accessible with both petrol and diesel power, though from April shall be also introduced a version of GPL.

The gifts of the Subaru Legacy station wagon we know them well. It ‘a car comfy and spacious, with four-wheel drive, discreet soundproofing. The line is very Japanese, but whole it is not unpleasant.

Typically, the Sport version is that we tend to advice in the event of buy, for its greater versatility.

To justify the diminish in cost, the new entry level mount 16-inch steel rims with related Pataki, halogen headlights and xenon rather than correcting manual adjustment of the headlights. Higher up we find the Subaru Legacy 2.0 liter D 6MT with 29,900 euros and the 2.0i Bi-Fuel 6MT from 30,200 euros.

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